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Japan Only Getting Two Virtual Console Titles on Wii in April

by Neal Ronaghan - March 30, 2012, 9:55 am EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/vc/lineup.html

This is a sign that Virtual Console on Wii is definitely on its last legs.

Prince of Persia for Super Famicom and Metal Slug 3 for Neo Geo will be the only two Wii Virtual Console releases in Japan next month. This is the lowest total of Virtual Console releases on the system in a month in Japan ever.

Recently, Japan has been getting an average of about four new Wii Virtual Console titles a month. This contrasted greatly with North America and Europe, who both went through around six month droughts for the service. In total, there are 630 Virtual Console games available in Japan across nine platforms. There are 391 and 380 available in North America and Europe respectively.

Metal Slug 3 was announced as an April release in Europe on a recent release schedule. Prince of Persia for Super Nintendo came out in Europe in early 2012.


RasMarch 30, 2012

I'm not sure I knew any of the Metal Slug games were available on the VC.  I was briefly excited at the thought of MS3, but then I remembered that I have Anthology for both Wii AND PSP!  How much Metal Slug does one need?  A LOT.  I'll have to talk myself out of buying them yet again.

TJ SpykeMarch 30, 2012

Ras, North America does have the first 2 Metal Slug games on the VC (both release back in 2008).

RasMarch 31, 2012

Thanks.  I understand the benefit is being able to use the Classic Controller, which I don't have.  I think I'll be content with the disc version. 

Mop it upMarch 31, 2012

I imagine they are going to hold off releases until the Wii U comes out. I expect the Wii Virtual Console to be available on the Wii U, so they want to hold off until then so they still have new VC games to put up.

tendoboy1984April 02, 2012

Holy crap Nintendo! You guys have been spoiling Japan like crazy, 630 VC titles?!

Reggie hates us.

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