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Nintendo Direct: Tobidasu Puricula Kiradeco Revolution Announced

by Minoru Yamaizumi - December 26, 2011, 11:51 pm EST
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Atlus developed a non-RPG title for teenage girls.

Today, at the second Nintendo Direct, pre-recorded in December 19, President Iwata announced Tobidasu Puricula Kiradeco Revolution (Pop-up Print Club Twinkle Deco Revolution), developed by Atlus and published by Nintendo.

This application simulates Puricula (the shortened name of Print Club), photo sticker booths in video game arcades developed by Atlus and Sega. Puricula has been popular among Japanese teenagers, especially girls, and this software is marketed for them, as is clear from the official site.

Like Puricula in arcades, you can choose sharpness, lightings, backgrounds, frames before you take a picture, and after taking a photo, you can add hand drawn lines and letters, stamps (including Mario), speech balloons, and other effects; for instance, you can enlarge your eyes, nose and mouth, thereby making you look cute or creepy. Furthermore, you can change the color of your hair and eyes, making it possible for you to look like an anime character.

According to the manual (available at the official site), pictures taken via this application themselves are not shown in 3D, but these decorations are. There will be additional items distributed via SpotPass. Photos can be distributed only via local wireless connection.

Tobidasu Puricula Kiradeco Revolution is available at the Japan eShop today at 600 yen.


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