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Square Enix Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for Upcoming Games

by Patrick Barnett - November 18, 2011, 10:06 pm EST
Total comments: 4 Source: http://epicgames.com/news/square-enix-licenses-unr..., Epic Games

Games on Wii U might make use of Epic's graphics technology.

Epic Games announced an agreement with Square Enix to bring their Unreal Engine 3 to Square Enix's upcoming games.

No games were announced, however some titles being published by Square Enix are headed to the Wii U. Dragon Quest X, developed by Square Enix, is releasing on both the Wii and Wii U. Currently, information regarding the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X is slim, but Unreal Engine 3 may be powering development on the title. 


CericNovember 19, 2011

That be a little weird because they've spent a lot internally trying to make Super Engines.

MagicCow64November 19, 2011

Boy, I hate the Unreal Engine. The overreliance on this and similar engines has contributed greatly to the plague of muddy visuals and non-interactive environments on the 360.

Chozo GhostNovember 19, 2011

Doesn't Square Enix publish a lot of western games in Japan like the Call of Duty series and so on? And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the COD engine based on the Unreal engine? So since Square Enix is publishing COD and these other FPS games, then maybe this has something to do with that.

This could be for Eidos.

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