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Mario Track in Japanese Just Dance

by Pedro Hernandez - October 13, 2011, 1:53 pm EDT
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What happens when Mario meets the feel good grooves of Just Dance?

Just Dance Wii, the Japanese version of Ubisoft's Just Dance series, features a track called Just Mario, featuring a dancing Mario and many of his games' locales.

The full name of the track is Ubisoft Meets Nintendo: Just Mario. The on-screen dancer dons a Mario costume, and the backgrounds are taken primary from Worlds 1-1 and 1-2 of Super Mario Bros. The track itself is a remix of Mario's many themes, including the above ground theme, underground theme and Starman theme.

Just Dance Wii was published in Japan by Nintendo in collaboration with Ubisoft, the creators of the franchise. A video of the whole performance can be seen here.


shinyray01October 13, 2011

"What happens when Mario meets the feel good grooves of Just Dance?"

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. that's what.

broodwarsOctober 13, 2011

I am disappointed in Nintendo.  You go to all the trouble to get a Mario song in a dance game, and it's NOT "Do the Mario!"  :P:

5kytarOctober 14, 2011

The do the Mario Dance would be so funny.
Swing your arms from side to side!
Go! C'mon do the Mario.

Good old times.

But in all seriousness. DDR Mario Mix was freakin' amazing, and I just think Just Dance is kinda lame...
Sorry for anyone who actually likes that game...

CericOctober 14, 2011

I agree DDR Mario Mix was great fun.  The hardcore DDR's will blast it for not being super hard but It is my favorite DDR and I've got a pretty large collection to base that opinion on.

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