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New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer for Gamescom

by Jared Rosenberg - August 16, 2011, 5:47 am EDT
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The trailer unveils a new area in the mountains and a new antagonist. 

Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil Revelations at Gamescom 2011. The trailer focuses on Chris Redfield, his partner Jessica Sherawat, and a terrorist organization known as Veltro.

Along with the trailer, Capcom also debuted two new gameplay videos which show Chris fighting undead dogs as well as searching through the wreckage of a crashed airplane.

The videos are embedded below:


famicomplicatedJames Charlton, Associate Editor (Japan)August 16, 2011

This is why I got a 3DS, absolute hotness!

GawdlyGamerAugust 16, 2011

when people see this trailer they will realize that the gap between the 3ds and vita isn't nearly as big as they thought it was

NinSageAugust 16, 2011

So this is ridiculously amazing.

Does anything more need be said?

Oh yea ... why is Conan O'Brien the new villain? =P

AdrockAugust 17, 2011

NinSage, you ruined that trailer for me. As soon as that dude showed up, I was like, "Shit, that IS Conan O'Brien. Damn you, NinSage!!!"

Anyway, it's a really nice looking trailer though I'm a bit disappointed in the use of CG. The in-game character models are good enough to stand on their own. I'm not sure how I feel about playing as Chris again, even if Capcom has been pushing Jill in most of the promotional material. It would have been nice to have Leon in there instead.

NinSageAugust 17, 2011

@ adrock

haha, sorry buddy! =P

and yea, I miss Leon ... everyone does.  however, if they are gonna give him a steroid injection like they gave to Chris? then I hope Leon just stays safely in the CG movies. =)

honestly, I only have three complaints with the entirety of the RE franchise....

1) jacking up Chris on 'roids

2a) trying to make RE5 an action game with survival horror controls
2b) Sheva's annoying AI

3) IF the decision to make Sheva black was in response to fears that RE5 would otherwise be perceived as racist because African zombies happen to be African. =P

AdrockAugust 17, 2011

If Capcom was going to roid up Leon, I feel like they would have done so in Degeneration. Instead they just gave him constant Anakin Skywalker-esque furrowed eyebrows.

I'm just curious why they keep introducing new characters when some of the older ones are unaccounted for. In Revelations, Capcom could have easily subbed Barry for Parker and Rebecca for Jessica. In RE4, I'm glad they brought back Ada instead of throwing a new character in there. Same with Claire in Degeneration. It makes the series feel more connected. Introducing new characters has to serve a purpose. For example, the plot in Degeneration works because a great deal of it revolves around what is revealed about Angela and Curtis Miller.

Granted, I haven't played Revelations, but unless the new characters and their pasts change the plot significantly (such as Parker and/or Jessica being traitors), I would have rather seen some of the older ones. I'm just being nostalgic though.

NinSageAugust 17, 2011

@ adrock

I couldn't agree more with what you just said.

Plus, I've always thought Rebecca was one of the coolest characters in RE.  I guess it's the white-mage lover in me.

Did you happen to play Umbrella or Darkside Chronicles?  They are mediocre rail shooters, but top-notch cinematic Cliffs Notes of the RE universe.

AdrockAugust 17, 2011

Yeah, I played and beat both of them. F-ing Chris made it into both games. What the? That's why I would have rather seen Leon in Resident Evil: Revelations instead of Chris. Plus, any chance Leon gets to unleash more gems like "Your right hand comes off?"  and "Saddler, you're small time," and "No, thanks, bro," the better we'll all be.

ShyGuyAugust 17, 2011


Kytim89August 17, 2011

This game gives me a sense of hope that there will be a Dead Space and No More Heroes 3DS game one day because of the graphical output on the system.

NinSageAugust 17, 2011


NMH doesn't exactly require crazy graphics =)

Though, in my opinion, it does require some amount of motion control.

Kytim89August 17, 2011

@ Nintsage

Simply swipe the touch screen in the same manor that you would swing the Wiimote on the console game.

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