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Iwata Asks: Star Fox 64 3D Edition

by Pedro Hernandez - August 2, 2011, 7:13 pm EDT
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The team behind the 3D remake of the N64 classic discuss how the game came to be.

The latest "Iwata Asks" column focuses on Star Fox 64 3D as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sits down with Q-Games, the developers in charge of the remake. The team is composed of Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert, Yusuke Amano from Software Development Department of the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division (EAD), Mitsuhiro Takano of EAD and Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto.

One of the first topics behind the game's development was the idea of using animals as the main characters in a space themed game. Miyamoto reflects that at the time many sci-fi stories focused on robots, super heroes and monsters, stating that "I wasn't interested in doing the same thing." When Iwata asks further about the animals-in-space concept, Miyamoto explains that he had been drawing animal characters for a long time, and when he suggested the idea, people thought that it was surprising.

Miyamoto then reveals the surprising relationship between the many arches that you fly through in the game to Star Fox's titular character. "Star Fox has a lot of scenes in which the fighter goes through arches, which reminds one of the gates at Shinto shrines called torii", Miyamoto said. "And torii made me think of the thousands of such gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha. In a prototype, there were lots of scenes like going through there. And when you think of Fushimi Inari, you think of foxes."

The discussion then moves onto Star Fox 2, the sequel to the original Super NES title that was later cancelled just as it was nearing the end of its development cycle. The discussion yields to one of the most interesting moments in the article as Amano realizes for the first time that a Star Fox 2 ever existed. This moment serves as a segue into the development of the title.

Cuthbert and Miyamoto, who were also involved with the original two games, state that for Star Fox 2, they had developed an upgrade to the Super FX chip first used on the original Star Fox game. Then they discuss some of the ideas they had implemented in the canceled title, such as a tank that would have been able to turn into a robot and the ability to fly in a 360 arena. Many of these ideas would end up on the Nintendo 64 game.

Ultimately, they felt that the release of Star Fox 2 would be too near the release of the new system, and the graphics and cost of the new chip could not compete with rival's 32-bit games. "It's something that often happens", Miyamoto said. "Release gets set back about a year or so, and a half a year later, the Nintendo 64 system would come out, so we were like, "Is it too late to ask people to shell out for this?"

Iwata then asked about the 3DS title and what additions players could expect from the remake. Amano explains that the game will have two methods of play: Nintendo 64 mode in which players control the vehicle through the Circle Pad and the Gyro mode where the players move the entire system in order to pilot the vehicle. This new control method was proposed by Miyamoto near the end of the development cycle, forcing the team to re-invent the game, according to Amano's recounting.

Star Fox 64 3D is available in Japan. In North America the game will be released on September 9, 2011.


Ian SaneAugust 03, 2011

The Gyro mode sounds pretty fucking dumb when it's described as moving the entire system to pilot the vehicle.  The screen is on the controller!  How the fuck do you see what you're doing if you're moving the screen all over the place?  And let's forget the whole big hook of the 3DS is the 3D which WON'T WORK if don't hold the system still.  Quit this stupid fad now.  It makes absolutely no sense to have it in this game.  The whole idea is counter-intuitive to the design of the system itself.

CaterkillerMatthew Osborne, Contributing WriterAugust 03, 2011

Loved this interview! But hey we never got this line "Take this with you to Hell" ! That would have been what "do a barrel roll" is now...

But this man...


But that is how much I feel like the Nintendo 3DS system really gives the game a greater feeling of outer space. I told Dylan-san that if this game wasn't interesting, I couldn't make any more Star Fox games!

I said, "If first-time players like this game, Star Fox will be reborn!" That's how much I'm counting on this one game!
The future of Star Fox depends on the reception it finds.
So if there's anyone out there who wants to look at the future, please play this! (laughs) And don't be afraid to use the brake when you play. At the same time, the gyro sensor will adjust your position to that angle, so if you feel misaligned, use the brake.

Man and so many of us will pass on it because of no online play. Not me however. I hope the new generation buys into it. Man I want some new Star Fox! 

Ian SaneAugust 03, 2011

I'm going to pass on it because I bought it back in 1997.  It's kind of unfair to base new development on the sales of a re-release.  But then Nintendo could also interpret poor sales of the later Star Fox games as disinterest in the series which is not necessarily true.  I, for example, am disinterested in the series as it has been for the last several years.  I am not however disinterested in GOOD Star Fox and would buy a new good Star Fox game on day one.  My lack of interest has been entirely because the product has sucked.

Though I have a feeling this will sell well nonetheless.  Nintendo re-releases almost alway sell well.

UltimatePartyBearAugust 03, 2011

I certainly hope that this sells well (even though I probably won't buy it) so that Nintendo will make a new Star Fox, but I'm reasonably sure they'd once again misunderstand what makes Star Fox 64 so good and make another game that explores the characters and story but messes up the action.  After that, I'd like to hope they'd learn the right lesson and fix things, but I suspect they'd just kill the franchise instead.

I am a Star Fox pessimist.  I'm going to go look at Skyward Sword pictures to cheer up.

NWR_pap64Pedro Hernandez, Contributing WriterAugust 03, 2011

Oh my, so many pessimists! What's a Star Fox fanboy to do?!? :p

But all kidding aside, the negativity towards the franchise is expected. The problem is that after Star Fox 64 they kept handing the franchise over to several developers, all who never worked on the previous two games, so instead what we got were games that showed how THEY interpreted the franchise rather than sticking to what worked in the first place.

For the franchise to be re-invigorated, Nintendo HAS to work on a new game by THEMSELVES. Avoid the gimmicks in terms of gameplay, focus on the gameplay first and keep a steady eye on things.

Of course, as this Iwata Asks proves, they will not pass up the chance of using a gimmick, regardless if it needs it or not, and that mentality could prove to be a problem.

Regardless, when I get a 3DS I am buying Star Fox 64 3D, despite playing it to death on the Nintendo 64. The game means so much to me and it is easily my second all-time favorite game on the N64, and playing it again would relive my youth in a wonderful way. Cheesy, I know, but I love it too much for me to pass up.

Ian SaneAugust 03, 2011

Quote from: NWR_pap64

Of course, as this Iwata Asks proves, they will not pass up the chance of using a gimmick, regardless if it needs it or not, and that mentality could prove to be a problem.

If a Nintendo game sucks, this is usually the reason why.  And it's a recent thing to.  We didn't see that kind of game ruining bullshit prior to the DS and the Wii.

What makes Star Fox great is in many ways how simple and straightforward it is.  It's realistically a shmup so the appeal is in firing upon enemies and dodging their fire.  It's the same appeal as the Sin & Punishment games.  No one gives a fuck about the backstory of the characters and no one wants anything more complicated.  Gives us new weapons, new vehicles, some wild bosses, multiplayer in the campaign mode and we're sitting pretty.

Do you know what it reminds me off?  Contra.  Contra blows nuts when they try to make it 3D or add "depth" to it.  It works when it's just two guys runnin' 'n' gunnin' their way through a shit load of enemies.

I don't know if they should hand the franchise to Treasure but they sure should ask Treasure about how to make a good shmup with lots of action.  Nintendo standards like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and Metroid are considerably slower paced and more complex.  I think Nintendo is just plain inexperienced with this type of viceral action game because they haven't made one since... Star Fox 64.  It's the type of gameplay that eventual evolved into first person shooters and those Devil May Cry/God of War style games, two genres that I'm not sure Nintendo even knows exist.  I'm not saying they haven't been making good games but they sure haven't been making action games since the N64.  Platformers, adventure games, and kart racers are not the same thing and require a completely different design approach.

UltimatePartyBearAugust 03, 2011

Quote from: Ian

Quote from: NWR_pap64

Of course, as this Iwata Asks proves, they will not pass up the chance of using a gimmick, regardless if it needs it or not, and that mentality could prove to be a problem.

If a Nintendo game sucks, this is usually the reason why.  And it's a recent thing to.  We didn't see that kind of game ruining bullshit prior to the DS and the Wii.

The sparkling innovations started with the GameCube at the latest.  I'd say they started with the N64, but I can't think of any from that system that weren't well received.  The recent thing may just be whether or not they appealed to you.

GawdlyGamerAugust 14, 2011

gotta say i'm gonna hold of on this one until they add online, it just doesn't seem right to not have online, especially when i'm the only person out of my friends who has a 3ds

AdrockAugust 15, 2011

I bought Star Fox 64 about 4 years ago. It was in a buy 1 get 1 used bin at Gamecrazy with a bunch of other random stuff. I really just wanted NBA Hangtime but I wasn't going to pass up a free game.

I borrowed SF64 from a classmate and completed it back in the day when it first came out. I can justify buying Ocarina of Time again since I got it on sale. I didn't like Star Fox 64 enough to buy again and for anywhere near full price.

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