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Super Meat Boy Not Coming to 3DS

by Nicholas Bray - July 5, 2011, 5:33 pm EDT
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Team Meat don't even have dev kits yet.

The designers of Super Meat Boy have ditched plans to port the acclaimed game to the Nintendo 3DS. The team are approved 3DS developers, but have yet to receive dev kits for the system.

They are now working on a new title, but are unsure if it will work on the 3DS, or even if it would be a good fit for the system.



AVJuly 05, 2011

what ? Why?

I'll bet this on e-shop will outsell xbox live version easily. This seems like the perfect pick up and play download game.  They are just being lazy and stupid.

That being said Why is it taking so long for them to get dev kits?

CericJuly 05, 2011

Quote from: Mr.

what ? Why?

I'll bet this on e-shop will outsell xbox live version easily. This seems like the perfect pick up and play download game.

Because NoA doesn't care about the core gamer and the "Young Adult" demographic the 3DS is suppose to be for.  The then dropped the ball on getting a dev-kit to someone who had wanted to publish a sure fire hit on their platform instead of say getting with them before the e-Shop launched so it would have premium content.

Yeah, Thats NoA.  If you need to be successful in something relatively common sense they'll help you shoot your foot.

TJ SpykeJuly 05, 2011

Quote from: Mr.

That being said Why is it taking so long for them to get dev kits?

I am not sure if it has been a long time, it depends on when they were approved to be 3DS developers. However, I am not sure why they wouldn't want the additional revenue, I think they could make a profit from a retail release or maybe a eShop release. So I wouldn't try make the claims Ceric is.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorJuly 05, 2011

I can't help but wonder if Nintendo isn't in a hurry to get them a Development Kit after the "smack talk" they did regarding Nintendo/WiiWare.

RazorkidJuly 05, 2011

My god.....No NO NOOOOO!!!!!
That game is begging, BEGGING to be brought to the e-Shop.  It is the definitive pick up and play platformer and belongs on a portable.  This is the tomfoolery that we Nintendo fans have to endure.  Why is it so hard to do these things?

EnnerJuly 05, 2011

Nintendo is determining if the developer is worthy. Their next trial involves fire.

broodwarsJuly 05, 2011

Nintendo. Bringing you great 3rd Party Relations since 1996.

Seriously, how has Nintendo not gotten these guys a Dev Kit yet, especially with the 3DS in the situation it's currently in?

TJ SpykeJuly 05, 2011

How do you know they didn't just get approved a couple of days ago? Maybe they haven't given Nintendo the money for a SDK yet? We don't have enough information to criticize Nintendo on this. Besides, it's Team Meat deciding not to release the game on 3DS.

ejamerJuly 06, 2011

Yeah, I'd be more inclined to care what Team Meat says if they hadn't pulled a bait and switch with Super Meat Boy to begin with on WiiWare. Is the decision not to port to 3DS really because of Nintendo being slow to deliver dev kits, or just more trolling? Hard to say. (At this point it's probably fair to assume there is no love lost on either side of the Nintendo/Team Meat relationship.)

5kytarJuly 06, 2011

It seems to be one flub after another with Nintendo lately. Sigh... I need some "new" games right now.

I don't think this is an issue of Nintendo screwing up or not caring about gamers, and it doesn't seem like Team Meat has any ill will toward Nintendo. They're a small team, and want to move on to a new project instead of doing the same thing again and don't have the resources or the manpower to do both. While I'd absolutely love to see Super Meat Boy on the eShop, and think it would be perfectly suited to the platform, I can't blame them for wanting to create something new.

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