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Cave Story 3D Hitting Stores in August

by Neal Ronaghan - April 28, 2011, 9:51 pm EDT
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The game will come with a new stage and a $40 price tag. 

Cave Story 3D is coming out in North America on August 9 and in Europe in September, publisher NIS America revealed today.

The game was originally set for a June 28 release, according to Nintendo's Q2 2011 release schedule. There is no officially known reason for the delay.

A newly added stage was confirmed to exist in a preview on GameSpot, though details on the additional content are sparse. The game features completely revamped music and polygonal graphics. The only 3DS-exclusive feature it will take advantage of is the 3D effect.

Cave Story 3D will retail for $39.99 when it hits stores.

Cave Story 3D Hitting Streets on August 9, 2011!

Santa Ana, Calif. – NIS America is proud to announce today the official release date for the highly anticipated Cave Story 3D for the Nintendo 3DS™ console in North America! The European release will follow a month after in September, 2011!

Cave Story 3D embodies the unmistakable Cave Story feel in a new 3 dimensional form. The legendary game mechanics is now combined with cutting edge handheld graphics and a remix soundtrack to give a new life.

“This game is inspiring. It’s been a while since I played a game where I keep craving for more. Cave Story 3D has a mysterious charm, you will want to explore more and see what lurks deep inside the dungeon. Just be prepared, this game will refuel your passion towards video games once more” says Jack Niida, Producer of NIS America, Inc.

“We’re very excited to bring Cave Story to the Nintendo 3DS. Making the transition from 2D to 3D has been a challenge, but it has allowed us to further expand the Cave Story universe envisioned by Daisuke Amaya. I think fans will have a great time with the expanded world and characters brought to life in 3D” says Victor Rodriguez CEO/Executive Producer of Nicalis, Inc.


Scatt-ManApril 29, 2011

The game is being completely remade with polygonal awesomeness though, yeah? ...Unless you mean by the only exclusive content being the 3D effect, is that this game is also being released on other platforms, in which case I'll proceed to have a cry about it. $2 on iPhone? Piss off. >_>

I've not touched the Nintendo downloadable versions but have blown through the freeware version a couple of times. I'll have no problem paying for this, considering I'm an importer and am already saving butt-tonnes of money anyway. Not such a huge deal taking slight risks, ya know? Let's hug!


I should also mention that I've yet to play the downloadable versions due to the fact that our release schedules 'ere in Aus are screwed. No Shantae for us, no sirree! But hey, in May, that should all change, given that I went the import route this time. *Flips of Nintendo of Australia* The entire US DSiWare at my fingertips! ... ...So, just Shantae then?

leahsdadApril 29, 2011


There is no officially known reason for the delay.

Other than the fact that Ocarina of time was going to come out the week before, and RE Mercenaries was coming out on the same day!  I'm glad they pushed it back, it would've been murdered.  I've got high hopes for this, but even if it has good reviews, I wouldn't have picked it up until about August, after I've finished pummeling Ocarina again.

Mop it upApril 29, 2011

Isn't this game only $10 on DSiWare... which can soon be downloaded to 3DS?

SilverQuilavaMay 02, 2011

haha, small fail on the cover of the game. It's rated E10+, but it clearly says right next to it "3D viewing for 7+". It's small, but it's kinda funny.

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