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3DS Does Not Feature a Messaging System

by Pedro Hernandez - March 16, 2011, 9:57 am EDT
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Nintendo's latest system appears lacks a dedicated application to directly communicate with other players.

The Nintendo 3DS lacks a built in communication application, like PictoChat on the DS or the Wii Message Board. 

PictoChat, which came with the DS, allows players to connect wirelessly and chat through text and drawings. The Wii's Message Board allows users to send what were essentially emails to people on their friends list.

Bill Trinen, Product Marketing Manager at Nintendo of America, has noted that there could be a messaging feature added in the future, "The goal is that there will be some messaging functions."

It is worth noting that many 3DS features, such as the eShop and the Internet browser, will not be available at launch and will become available following an update. It is possible the messaging functionality may be included in a similar update


TJ SpykeMarch 16, 2011

I never really used PictoChat (well, on launch day I played around with it a little), but I hope they do add something later.

KITT 10KMarch 16, 2011

I've only played with that feature once or twice and never used it. But if it does become available in the future I won't mind.

StogiMarch 16, 2011

Wasn't there a pictochat pedophile?

ThomasOMarch 16, 2011

Maybe more like this?


Dancing_RobotMarch 16, 2011

Wow, thats messed up.

Honestly, the thing already has so much I want to play with on it already (ar games, 3d camera, eventually the e-shop, and the games), that I can honestly wait till the message system gets up. Besides, this probably wasn't the highest priority for Nintendo, since they probably want their install base to get as big as possible as fast as possible. Thats why the e-shop, 3d video, messaging, and really exciting games are coming "soon."
Release the system now, they make more sales sooner, getting a leg up on their competitors, and then offering firmware updates down the road. I like how they are handling the 3DS, honestly.  :)

SupaKirbMarch 16, 2011

But wait! If PictoChat is gone! How on earth will I communicate with friends around the world!? Oh wait...

Yeh, will not miss... like at all..

I don't care that much about PictoChat, but I will miss the functionality the Wii Message Board provided.

tyrian3March 16, 2011

they're planning to add several things at a later date...it feels a bit rushed, doesn't it?
I tried the 3DS two days ago during the "Discover Tour" that Nintendo of Europe is doing and I wasn't completely blown away. It has potential but I feel like the "wait and see" approach is the best one for now. I can't express an educated opinion because they only had an AR game and the zelda oot 3d demo available, so I tried only those two. I plan to go again on saturday in another location where they should have 8+ units and more software to show demos of.

I wish I could be a guest in an RFN episode and talk about that! :P

SupaKirbMarch 16, 2011

Quote from: tyrian3

I wish I could be a guest in an RFN episode and talk about that! :P:

Pay the man!

ShyGuyMarch 16, 2011

Ubisoft! Now is your chance! Release Ping Pals 2 for the 3DS!

ThePermMarch 16, 2011

hmm, they should put AIM in the shop channel. Damn text messaging ruined chat.

SupaKirbMarch 16, 2011

Quote from: ThePerm

hmm, they should put AIM in the shop channel. Damn text messaging ruined chat.

Ugh.. I know... AIM was awesome back then. It was fun as hell too..

TurdFurgyMarch 16, 2011

If they do add the feature it should be online enabled. While pictochat was fun, it didn't do any good to message somebody who was so close to you already.

StogiMarch 16, 2011

Quote from: ThePerm

hmm, they should put AIM in the shop channel. Damn text messaging ruined chat.

It may have ruined chat, but coupled with the ability to post-date your texts (as in, I want this text to be sent 20 minutes from now), it's possibly the greatest communication tool so far.

So the 3DS's time to genitalia goes from 15 seconds to 2 minutes?

MaryJaneMarch 16, 2011

I could've sworn that when they were talking about the new singular friend code and friends list, they said something about communicating with those friends. Was that just game invites, or game specific communication, or am I remembering wrong?

Ian SaneMarch 16, 2011

With cellphones we have so much flexibility in communicating with others that I would argue that offering a messaging system for the 3DS is a futile effort.  Nintendo can't make a messaging system that can compete with cellphones so they should probably just concentrate on providing a good videogame system.  We know the 3DS is not going to be the one-in-all handheld device.  If you want a phone you will own a phone and maybe a 3DS.  So how useful is this anyway?  The 3DS, out of necessity, is for people that want a dedicated handheld videogame system.

Guitar SmasherMarch 16, 2011

It's no longer worth $250.  Sorry Nintendo, I'm breaking it off.

TenserMarch 16, 2011


Seeing the attached image, the US 3DS seems to state right in the friends list section that you can message friends.

Image taken at 3:11

BlackNMild2k1March 16, 2011

^Well that should make this conversation a little more interesting...

StogiMarch 16, 2011

I thought we were talking about pictochat which you can use with any DS in the vicinity and not necessarily only your friends? Hence my quip about the pictochat pedophile.

OblivionMarch 16, 2011

Well, this is slightly upsetting. I liked the Wii's message board system and the PS3's message system too. Both were handy and easy to use. I hope they add a PS3-like message system near in the future.

MaryJaneMarch 16, 2011

Of course  a 3DS messaging system can't compete with cell phones; they're not for the same purpose. The 3DSs messaging is to connect with other gamers, making the online experience better.

Also if the 3DS had 3G or free Wifi was more available, it could compete with texting, just look at Blackberry Messaging. It's so popular among BB users that they're rumored to be making apps to have BBM on Android and iOS.

There are about 40million BB users in the world (about 20million in the US) and about 30million DSi/DSiXL users (around 13million US) so a unique and viable messaging system with an always online 3DSi could be possible.

HyawattaMarch 17, 2011

Set Up Local Download Play

We would use PictoChat at conventions in order to find people to play DS download games with. That was very helpful. We would set up Mario Kart sessions, or Bomberman, or LOL. It made it easy to find people to play when we were surrounded by gamers but we did not actually know anyone. I always wished PictoChat was usable online too though.

Someone should start an AIM club thread

TJ SpykeMarch 18, 2011

Meh, I prefer MSN Messenger to AIM myself.

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