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EA and NFL Restructure Contract For Madden 2012

by Andy Goergen - February 15, 2011, 7:07 pm PST
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Next year's NFL game will cost EA less to make, and the exclusivity is extended through 2013.

The National Football League and EA Sports have restructured their exclusivity deal for the Madden NFL series, according to Sports Business Daily. The new contract lowers the licensing fee significantly for this year's upcoming Madden NFL game. In addition, the exclusive contract has been extended one year, to 2013.

The contract was renegotiated because of the potential labor dispute that currently threatens to shorten, or potentially even eliminate the 2011 football season set to start this September. Madden NFL 12 is scheduled to launch on multiple consoles, including Wii, this August. The NFL and NFL Players Association's collective-bargaining agreement will expire March 4, with the two sides seemingly far apart on agreeing to a deal.

Although it is unknown how much lower the license fee will be for Madden NFL 12, the loss of NFL games this fall would have a major impact on Madden sales. Madden NFL 11 was EA Sports second-best selling game worldwide, behind only FIFA 11. Due to the exclusivity contract, no other developer can make an NFL branded game.

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