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Iwata Asks: Dragon Quest IX Video Edition

by Karlie Yeung - July 10, 2010, 2:35 pm EDT
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Satoru Iwata interviews Square Enix's Yuji Horii and Ryutaro Ichimura for the upcoming release of Dragon Quest IX.

The latest edition of Iwata Asks is a special video feature with Yuji Horii and Ryutaro Ichimura, Dragon Quest creator and producer. The 40 minute interview has been translated into English and dubbed over the original voices. The interview can be watched in part or in full below, or on our Youtube channel

Part 1: The History of Dragon Quest

Part 2: The Appeal of Dragon Quest

Part 3: How to Enjoy Dragon Quest

Part 4: As a turn-based RPG

Part 5: Dragon Quest and Mario Similarities

Part 6: Patty's Pub

Part 7: Online Shopping and Multiplayer

Part 8: Messages to the Players

Appendix: The Dragon Quest Quality


TennindoJuly 11, 2010

gotta say i'm very interested in DQ9. I have never played DQ b4 but I love turned based RPGs

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