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User-Created Catchphrases Chosen for NBA Jam

by Neal Ronaghan - June 25, 2010, 11:00 am EDT
Total comments: 6 Source: EA Sports

Four lucky fans gain video game immortality.

EA Sports has been running a contest on Facebook that allowed fans of NBA Jam to submit and then vote on four catchphrases to be used in the game. The winners have finally been chosen.

According to the official NBA Jam Facebook page, the winners are:

"Objection Sustained!"

"No Shoot for you!"

"Bangalanga Do-Dah!"

"And The Survey Said...DENIED!"

The fans that submitted these four top vote-getters will have their names listed in the game's credits as well as having their phrases added to the game.

NBA Jam is set to be released this Fall exclusively on Wii.


BeautifulShyJune 25, 2010

Anybody get theirs picked?

BlackNMild2k1June 25, 2010

All 4 were submitted by me!!!

just kidding, but I think most of them sound good.

nickmitchJune 25, 2010

Those are awesome. I wish they would've picked more.

Mop it upJune 25, 2010

Those are okay I guess... not really fond of the middle two. It was a good contest idea, though.

Ian SaneJune 25, 2010

I don't think I like any of them actually.  They seem too long and thus are more likely to become annoying.  NBA Jam on the SNES was just "the steal", "wild shot" "boom-sha-ka-la-ka", "from downtown", "the rebound".  "He's heating up" and "he's on fire" where the only ones of any length and they were related to an actual power-up in the game.  I think the arcade version had more but I'm used to the short one or two word phrases from the SNES version.

How many times honestly do you want to hear "And The Survey Said...DENIED!"?  Even in old fighting games you note it's something quick and short like "hadoken", "sonic boom" and "come here".


I had submitted "from upstate" for use with Hail Marys, which is what I used to say back in the SNES days.  It wasn't picked, so I voted for the closest equivalents, "from Compton" and "from the suburbs", but they didn't win.  It's actually crappy that three of the four winners are for the same move - blocked shots.

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