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Trauma Team Sees Delay

by Andy Goergen - February 3, 2010, 5:41 am EST
Total comments: 7 Source: SiliconEra

However, a new trailer should have you clearing a space in your calendar for a May release.

Trauma Team has been delayed by Atlus one month , from April 20 to May 18.

Along with the announcement of the delay, Atlus unveiled a new trailer which shows off some of the orthopedics gameplay. Orthopedics is one of the new specialties in Trauma Team, and it comes with both a unique visual style, and a lack of time limit.


BeautifulShyFebruary 03, 2010

I am interested in this. There seems like there is going to be lots of variety.

So awesome. I just hope the characters animate more during story scenes.

Oh my god.... this was so totally off my list before... and so TOTALLY on it now. 2010 is gonna be KILLER!

I ordered Trauma Center: New Blood for $10 off of NewEgg because I am excited for this game and want to check out the series.

TJ SpykeFebruary 03, 2010

A shame for the delay, i've been following it for awhile. Hopefully the extra month lets them put some more polish on it.

Mop it upFebruary 04, 2010

Boy, Trauma Center New Blood is HARD. At least, getting a good rank is, as once you know the procedure then it isn't too difficult to scrape through. My sister and I can't do better than B's and C's. I'm not into the game enough to really want more, so if I got this game then it wouldn't be until later.

StratosFebruary 04, 2010

It is hard in most of the Trauma games to pull off the higher ranks. I think I've only ever gotten two or three across all three of the ones I own (2 DS titles + New Blood).

I'm actually glad for the delay because the first part of the year is over packed with titles I want to get.

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