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Dragon Quest VI Communicates in Standby Mode

by Andy Goergen - December 7, 2009, 9:57 am EST
Total comments: 7 Source: Andriasang

The Square Enix title lets other players visit your game, even with the lid closed.

Upcoming Square Enix RPG remake Dragon Quest VI will communicate with other players via Wi-Fi, even when the system is closed and in standby mode. The feature, called Surechigai, happens in the background as you pass other players on the street. A similar feature was included in Dragon Quest IX, which was released in Japan last July and allowed players to visit each other's copy of the game and search for treasure.

According to the latest edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, the implementation in Dragon Quest VI lets players exchange their "Dreams for the Future." The mode is separated from the main part of the game and requires you to set up a separate character with selections in seven areas: form, birth place, gender, title, method of speech, message, and "dream stage". The last area, dream stage, allows you to select from up to 64 location types such as caves and cities. The first area, form, allows you to select from a list of preset character types such as monsters. The speech area allows you to convey how your character will relate their dream, with options such as "Manly Man" and "Sexy Lady."

No release date has been set for Dragon Quest VI in North America, however the game will be released in Japan on January 28, 2010.


AVDecember 07, 2009

in the real world this feature will never be used. just something neat they can do but is just not practical for most people in the world .

vuduDecember 08, 2009

It's a huge selling feature in Japan.  Not so much in America.

I actually tried using the communicate feature in DQ IV.  It never once found someone else with the mode turned on.  :(

NinGurl69 *hugglesDecember 08, 2009


PlugabugzDecember 08, 2009

Given that i'm more concerned about the energy bill going down, the wii is oRF when not in use. So, pointless.

Stuff like this would work much better if you could install "services" onto the system.  Maybe in a future DSi firmware revision.

that Baby guyDecember 08, 2009

You mean install the data sharing feature used in games like this and Nintendogs into the DS, so you could have all of these online wandering-around modes active at once, and not have to luck out with having the right game in at the right time?

That would be a good idea.  I'm truthfully a little surprised I didn't think of something quite like that before.

I'm not counting on it though.  Look at what WC24 could have been used for.  Look at what it has been used for.

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