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Square Enix Posts Results of its DQ IX Public Quest

by Pedro Hernandez - October 14, 2009, 6:10 pm EDT
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The online quest was successful in gathering player data.

Square Enix has shared the stats from their first online co-operative quest in Dragon Quest IX. A month ago, the company asked players to submit their player data via Nintendo Wi-Fi, with 500,000 submissions being the desired goal. Once players reached the total, they would receive a special visit from Dragon Quest Sword's French mage Fleurette.

In order to make the data public, Square Enix has opened a national census page. The data is divided into four categories: Special Data and Ranking, Profile Information, Battle Information, and Character Information. The company has received over 600,000 submissions, exceeding expectations.

In the player gender categories, 77.5% of the players were male, while 22.5% were female. The average play time was 25 to 50 hours, while players spent from 0 to 10 hours participating in the game's multiplayer mode. The average number of quests completed was in the range of 11 to 20 quests. Finally, the most popular job class in Dragon Quest IX is that of the Battle Master, with over 140,000 players preferring the class.

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