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Netflix Hopes To Bring Services to Wii

by Pedro Hernandez - September 23, 2009, 5:41 pm EDT
Total comments: 8 Source: Cnet

Netflix CEO divulges eventual plans to bring streaming movies to Nintendo's console.

In an interview with Reuters, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has mentioned that, while they have no plans at the moment, they wish to eventually bring their movie streaming services to the Wii. Their ultimate goal is to have all consoles supporting the service. The CEO explains, however, that they have signed a deal with Microsoft for Xbox 360 Netflix exclusivity that remains in effect. Regardless, they are currently working towards achieveing this goal.


Mop it upSeptember 23, 2009

Could the Wii handle high-quality video streaming? The Internet Channel can barely run YouTube...

that Baby guySeptember 23, 2009

The Wii can handle just about anything, Mop_it_up.  The Wii's internet Browser, well, can't.

It's an issue with memory, in most cases, and half a gig, when you take out what's used for saves and game data, doesn't really cut it.  It would work better if they used something like an SD card to hold the buffer.

The Wii itself can play DVD quality media, like movies and video files, you just have to give it a method to do so :/

Mop it upSeptember 23, 2009

So how could it work then? Would you need to buy a disc to be able to stream the movies?

BlackNMild2k1September 23, 2009

I didn't click the link to the news story, but isn't this news like 6+ months old already?

TJ SpykeSeptember 24, 2009

No, that story was only about a survey asking consumers if they would be interested in Netflix on their PlayStation 3 or Wii. This is the first time Netflix has actually said they plan on putting their service on systems other than the Xbox 360.

that Baby guySeptember 24, 2009

Quote from: Mop_it_up

So how could it work then? Would you need to buy a disc to be able to stream the movies?

It could just be a channel, really.  The issue is truthfully storage, the Netflix channel would just need a good amount of memory available to buffer with.  No disc necessary, that wouldn't provide any extra memory to online streaming.

A disc wouldn't do anything but store the video player software, which otherwise would have to live in the system's flash memory. Whether there's enough space for a buffer is hard to say without knowing all the technical details, but certainly there should be some open RAM for buffering, and that would be much faster than flash memory. Keep in mind that Wii can't output HD video, and the buffer needed for 480p (max) is not that large. Also, you don't really need a buffer at all if your connection is fast enough.

BlackNMild2k1September 26, 2009

Unless they get a channel dedicated to Netflix, it's gonna have to run through the Internet Channel, which means that the browser is gonna be using precious memory resources in addition to the silverlight player and needing to buffer the movie for a guranteed smooth play rate.

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