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Japanese Weekly Software and Hardware Charts for March 9 - 15

by James Charlton - March 24, 2009, 6:13 pm EDT
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Chris Redfield shoots ahead of Mario & Luigi

The power of the Biohazard (Resident Evil) brand was really felt these past few weeks; it affected the software chart and even the hardware sales.

The sales of Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 may explain a surge in sales of PlayStation games as a whole.

The positive reception and strong sales of the long-awaited action game even rolled over onto the Xbox 360 version, which currently sits at the 12th position.

As per usual, Nintendo also had good sales with it's first party software with Mario and Luigi RPG 3 continuing to sell well. It sold the same amount as the newly released Picross 3D.

The Play On Wii version of Pikmin 2 also made a decent entry at 6th; it will be interesting to see which title in this series reigns supreme in Japan.

  • 01. [PS3] Musou Orochi Z (KOEI) 112,000 / New Entry

  • 02. [PS3] Resident Evil 5 (Capcom) 61,000 / 381,000

  • 03. [NDS] Picross 3D (Nintendo) 38,000 / New Entry

  • 04. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (Nintendo) 38,000 / 389,000

  • 05. [PSP] Shin Sangoku Musou (KOEI) 33,000 / 316,000

  • 06. [WII] Play On Wii: Pikmin 2 (Nintendo) 29,000 / New Entry

  • 07. [PS3] Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (SEGA) 24,000 / 449,000

  • 08. [NDS] Seventh Dragon (SEGA) 22,000 / 102,000

  • 09. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP the Best) (Capcom) 16,000 / 484,000

  • 10. [PSP] Resistance Retaliation (SCE) 16,000 / New Entry

As previously mentioned, the hardware sales the past few weeks have been very different to past months.

This is the first time in several months since PlayStation 3 has beaten out the Wii, most likely due to the Resident Evil 5 bundle.

Last week, the Xbox 360 outsold the Wii, which was when Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released.

With PSP also outselling both versions of the DS combined, will Nintendo manage to climb back on top of hardware sales?

  • PSP 43,463

  • PS3 28,014

  • DSi 27,564

  • Wii 17,941

  • DS Lite 11,571
  • Xbox 360 8,378

  • PS2 4,844


EnnerMarch 25, 2009

Retribution become Retaliation. Neat.

Also, nice to see Yakuza 3 still pulling in numbers.

PeachylalaMarch 25, 2009

It's nice to see Yakuza III sell well, but it will only sell well...in Japan.  :'(

On the other side, the good sales Sony is getting is mostly due to brand names. It must be some sort of habit the Japanese have. A brand name game series, popular in name itself, can have good sales even if the game itself is absolute crap.


BlackNMild2k1March 25, 2009

Uhh, you guys realize that this info has been in the Wii Sales thread for about a week now right?

Sales data for March 16 - 22 should posted sometime today or tomorrow too, if you're interested.

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