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Akinai Games Announces NEVES Plus for WiiWare

by Lukasz Balicki - March 22, 2009, 6:03 pm EDT
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Yuke's digital distribution division brings a follow-up to the DS puzzle game.

Akinai Games, Yuke's recently formed digital distribution division, announced NEVES Plus, a follow-up to their DS title that was released in 2007. NEVES Plus is a puzzle game that involves tangram-style puzzles, and trying to fit various pieces into a silhouette to complete the puzzle.

NEVES Plus boasts 500 tangram-style puzzles that promise hours of gameplay, accessible Wii Remote controls, and five different modes that include various single player and multiplayer modes. One of these modes, called Party Trivia, tests player's observation skills.

Akinai Games previously released Evasive Space on WiiWare in February and plans to release NEVES Plus sometime in Q2 2009.

Akinai Games Announces NEVES Plus For Nintendo WiiWare™

Puzzle Game Returns with New, Improved Features for the Wii

CHICAGO - March 19, 2009

Akinai Games, a publisher of digitally distributed games for next-generation platforms, today announced NEVES Plus, their latest addition to Nintendo's WiiWare™ game service. NEVES Plus is a deceptively challenging puzzle game that packs over 500 tangram-style puzzles appropriate for gamers of all ages. The game will go live on WiiWare in Q2, 2009.

"NEVES Plus is a great follow-up to the original Nintendo DS™ version, and now we've introduced plenty of multiplayer modes that bring the game to the center of family entertainment," said Nate Fitt, Marketing Manager at Akinai Games. "With an Egyptian-themed style, new puzzles, and a variety of modes, NEVES Plus promises hours of engaging and addictive gameplay."

In NEVES Plus, players solve the 500+ different puzzles by moving, rotating, and flipping the seven simple 'Lucky' stone pieces into each silhouette puzzle with the Wii Remote™. You can play alone, or invite your friends in on the fun since new players can join in anytime. Whether you work co-operatively or go head-to-head, NEVES Plus will charm you with its tricky silhouette puzzles.

"Puzzle games are a timeless and highly-entertaining genre for everyone," said Ken Koyama, Director of Business Development at Akinai Games. "With NEVES Plus, our focus is to capture the simple-yet-riveting appeal of a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, and bring the fun of tangram-style puzzles to a whole new audience.”


• Five different modes you can play alone or with up to 4 people 

• Test your observation skills against friends in the Party Trivia mode

• Over 500 puzzles to provide hours of play

• Easy to use controls for the Wii™ make it accessible and fun for the whole family


I actually hav e the first one... it's very pleasant and claming and makes me feel peaceful! ^_^

I was vaguely interested in the DS version, but this kind of game makes a lot more sense on WiiWare, as the value proposition is hard to understand with DS game prices.

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