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Hudson Reveals WiiWare First-Person Shooter Onslaught

by Carmine Red - February 4, 2009, 7:03 pm EST
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The downloadable game will even feature online four-player co-op.

Who knew that the company behind the classic-but-cute Bomberman had a first-person shooter in the works? Hudson recently revealed Onslaught, a futuristic first-person shooter that promises not just "a horde of enemies to blast away," but also cooperative play for up to four people. Another surprise? It's for WiiWare.

Onslaught's setup is classic science fiction as Hudson explains it: "contact with a distant research colony is lost and your team is sent in to find out what happened." Since the game is on the Wii, it will feature unique controls. Players don't just take aim with the pointer, they also reload by shaking the Wii Remote, and throw grenades by shaking the Nunchuk.

And since the game is squad-based, Hudson claims that players will be able to "team up with a friend, or two, maybe even three!" This co-op aspect isn't enough though; Hudson is taking the downloadable title online so gamers can "play in four-person co-op." There is currently no confirmation of any kind of local multiplayer.

The first couple screenshots revealed the helmeted space marines and the insectoid space aliens. The screens also show several of the game's weapons, including an assault rifle with a visible ammo indicator on the gun, a rocket launcher, and what may be a whip. One screen even shows the character inside some sort of vehicle with two large Gatling guns on either side.

Hudson has not revealed any release date for the title, but their website shows that the game has already earned a Teen rating from the ESRB.


Early candidate for biggest surprise of 2009

Um... is Nintendo going to waive the size limit for this?  Will it arrive as ten different downloads?

ShyGuyFebruary 05, 2009

I don't know, the shareware version of Doom came on four floppy diskettes. As long they rely more on visual effects rather than textures, they should be able to keep things small.

KDR_11kFebruary 05, 2009

I don't think it'll automatically be a huge game, remember that N64 games managed to fit a whole damn lot into their carts and the graphics don't exactly look cutting edge in Onslaught (I wonder if the big colored lines on the weapons mean the texture is a placeholder or if they're going to go with that).

In the screenshots the alien numbers look closer to 5 than 50 (so much for "fighting hordes of aliens") and I'm not sure I like the sound of "squad-based", that tends to end with "fuck you AI!"


Hudson has not revealed any release date for the title, but their website shows that the game has already earned a Teen rating from the ESRB.

They announced March for Europe.

ShyGuyFebruary 05, 2009

I just hope it has Wiispeak.

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