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Soul Bubbles Releasing in Europe this Friday

by Nick DiMola - June 12, 2008, 4:47 pm EDT
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DS title from Eidos will "really push the physics capabilities of the Nintendo DS."

Coming this Friday to Europe, Soul Bubbles for the DS puts players in the role of a young shaman apprentice who has been tasked to save lost souls. In order to save these souls the player must place them in protective bubbles and transport them through progressively dangerous worlds.

The DS stylus will allow the player to draw, deflate, cut, and join bubbles. In addition to using bubbles to transport souls, the bubbles can be utilized to escape traps or extinguish fires. Filling the bubbles with water or gas will allow players to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Soul Bubbles features 40 levels featured in 8 unique worlds and will be available in stores this Friday in European territories.

SOUL BUBBLES releases across Europe this Friday

Eidos Interactive, creator of some of the world’s leading videogame properties, is pleased to announce that SOUL BUBBLES, the new phenomenon for the Nintendo DS, is set to release across Europe on Friday, 13th June.

In Soul Bubbles, the player takes the role of a young shaman apprentice who is tasked with saving lost 'souls' and guiding them to safety. He must safeguard these fragile beings by placing them in protective bubbles so he can transport them through a series of increasingly treacherous and hostile worlds.

As the shaman, use your stylus to draw the bubbles, then deflate, cut or join them to other bubbles to navigate through each environment. You must fill bubbles with water or gas, escape traps, extinguish fires and avoid all the sticky or dangerous surfaces that will slow the bubbles down.

"Soul Bubbles is an extremely creative and unique title which really pushes the physics capabilities of the Nintendo DS," said Lou Fawcett, Head of Casual Games at Eidos. "The reaction from the press so far has been incredible and we’re hoping the public are going to love Soul Bubbles every bit as much as we do."

Soul Bubbles features 8 unique worlds, each with its own visual style and gameplay challenges, and over 40 levels to play through on your journey to becoming a true spirit herder.


ShyGuyJune 13, 2008

A tale of Souls and Bubbles, eternally retold. SOUL


CalibanJune 13, 2008

Maybe they could add Link in Soul Bubbles 2.

vuduJune 17, 2008

Quote from: ShyGuy

A tale of Souls and Bubbles, eternally retold. SOUL


I just wanted to say that this post was genius. 

KDR_11kJune 18, 2008

Reviews are positive but it's supposedly 8 hours long which I'm not sure is quite worth 40 Euros.

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