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EA Announces Zubo, Coming to DS This Fall

by Nick DiMola - March 28, 2008, 12:17 pm EDT
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A quirky music-based Rhythm-Action Adventure geared towards children.


Original Nintendo DS game features collectable characters in a music-based rhythm-action adventure

Guildford, U.K. - March 28th, 2008 - The EA Casual Entertainment Label today announced the development of a new wholly-owned, original intellectual property, created for 7-11 year old boys and girls. Zubo is a music-based rhythm-action game featuring a unique set of characters that is scheduled to ship worldwide later this year, exclusively on the Nintendo DS handheld system.

"Zubo represents the culmination of a dedicated incubation project, which specifically sought to develop a new videogame property for boys and girls under 12," said Harvey Elliott, Head of the EA Bright Light studio in Guildford, UK. "The team here has designed a rich, immersive and, above all, enjoyable experience - one that will live in the schoolyard, at home or on the move."

Players enter the world of Zubalon to help the colourful and zany inhabitants, the Zubos, defeat an evil force which is bent on world domination. Players can befriend the Zubos they meet along the way, feed and nurture them, help them gain skills and strength, and assist them in their battles with the enemy, the dastardly Zombos.

A key element to Zubo is music, which is intrinsic to Zubalon from its tuneful plant life through to its currency of musical notes. The player will use the music to drive the battles forward, synchronising their stylus action and tapping in time with the musical beats to win!

With 55 Zubos available to find and recruit to a player's squad, plus a wealth of interactions and mini-games, and the world of Zubalon to explore, Zubo offers a deeply rewarding Nintendo DS experience.

Zubo is developed by EA Bright Light studio in Guildford, UK and it will be available on the Nintendo DS this autumn.


PlugabugzMarch 28, 2008

Yes. Right.

And this is supposed to balance out against Army of Two (or insert game of choice)... how?

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusMarch 28, 2008

I know this is designed with kids 12 and under in mind, but my interest is piqued regardless.

PlugabugzMarch 28, 2008

It hasn't for me sadly. It doesn't make me go all pap-hating combo-breaking anti-fanboy mode, but it does make me think back to how EA implied in the past they weren't releasing titles right and now they've "fixed things". I don't see how much of anything has changed, just a specific division now with seemingly unlimited funds to make light and cheap games while the "full fat devs" continue as they were.

This is EA Original IP! ... I mean, wow. I thought it was just talk but apparently they're serious about being more "creative."

That said, I understand what you're saying Plugabugz. EA has to understand that the market changes can't be localized to just their casual division, but the the emerging realities and the effects they cause are endemic to their entire operation.

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