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Nintendo's Third Quarter Financial Results Look Very Good

by Carmine Red - January 31, 2008, 11:44 am PST
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20 million Wiis worldwide. 64 million for the DS. Oodles and oodles of money. And Nintendo is still developing their oft-delayed console Kirby game.

Last week Nintendo released financial data about their fiscal third quarter performance. While there is still some time to go before Nintendo's full fiscal year is over on March 31st, the all-important holiday season has passed, and there's already plenty of juicy information for industry observers to peruse.

For instance, Nintendo has shipped 20,130,000 Nintendo Wiis worldwide as of December 31st, 2007. More than 8 million of those went to the Americas. Just under 5 million went to Japan. And more than 6 million went to territories labeled as "Other," including Europe and Australia. According to the report, Nintendo expects to ship more than 4 million additional Wiis worldwide by the end of March.

The numbers also put the Nintendo DS at about 64 million shipped worldwide by Dec. 31st, 2007. This is an impressive number for Nintendo's little-handheld-that-could after little more than 3 years on the market, and it easily puts the DS within striking range of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance worldwide total of 80 million.

Additionally, it looks like Nintendo is on track to achieve their stated goal of 300 million units of software sold in one year. Since April 1st, 2007, Nintendo has managed to ship more than 240 million pieces of software across the Wii, DS, GameCube and GBA platforms, and the company forecasts that number to just barely exceed 300 million when their fiscal year ends in March.

Nintendo also provided some supplementary reports where they provided further financial information, as well as a million-seller list of 25 first party titles, 11 for the Wii, and 14 for the DS. Nintendo even included a short list of titles that they expect to release in 2008. The list is almost certainly incomplete, but it shows that Nintendo still plans to release Wii Music, Animal Crossing, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball, and a Kirby game for the Wii in Japan sometime in 2008. The Kirby game in particular should be of note to company observers, since it is likely to be a Wii incarnation of the unreleased Kirby GC title which first came to light in 2005.

All in all, Nintendo's looking like they had a great year so far. They're sitting on more than $9 billion in cash and cash equivalents and expect to post a net income of about $2.5 billion by the end of March.



Nintendo's Third Quarter Financial Results Look Very Good

Sometimes I think I could have just posted that as the body of the text because it... well... it's true.

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