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Dragon Quest IX Delayed to 2008

by Steven Rodriguez - August 27, 2007, 10:07 am EDT
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The high-profile handheld RPG needs some more work done before it is unleashed to Japan.

Square Enix has announced that its highly anticipated Nintendo DS game, Dragon Quest IX, has been delayed in Japan until some time in 2008. Originally scheduled for a late 2007 release in the country, Square Enix explained that it needs more time to improve the game's quality. With this release date push back, it's extremely likely that North America will not see DQIX until next holiday season.

Dragon Quest IX will not only mark the first time the main Dragon Quest series will debut on a handheld system, but it will also be the first to have online and local LAN co-op gameplay.


ArbokAugust 27, 2007

Oh god, what a crushing blow! The DS is doomed, now all they have to rely on for 2007 is Heavenly Sw... oh wait.

Anyway, I'm happy to hear this news, as there certainly isn't a lack of things to play on the DS right now, and I always appreciate it when companies decide to put more polish into a title.

Bill AurionAugust 27, 2007

Everyone and their grandma saw that this was coming considering the DQ remakes are also planned for the end of the year... =)

WindyManSteven Rodriguez, Staff AlumnusAugust 27, 2007

I think it has something to do with the fact that Square Enix is trying to get the game on one cartridge. I mean, I don't think this is very practical:


*Note: Yes, this is a fake. I made it!

that Baby guyAugust 27, 2007

Nice shopping, there, Windy. I'm gonna take it that you do most of the artwork editing for the three featured articles at the top?

GoldenPhoenixAugust 27, 2007

How big are the largest NDS carts now?

MLS_man_64August 27, 2007

So does this make it more or less likely of DQ 10 being on Wii?

Bill AurionAugust 27, 2007


Originally posted by: GoldenPhoenix
How big are the largest NDS carts now?

256 MB, I think...

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 27, 2007

That's the amount of RAM on my old video editing computer.

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