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Geometry Wars Coming to Wii and DS

by Jon Lindemann - May 22, 2007, 7:53 pm EDT
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo Power

Geometry Wars: Galaxies arrives on Nintendo's platforms this fall.

The July issue of Nintendo Power has revealed that the hugely popular Xbox Live Arcade shooter Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is on its way to Wii and DS as Geometry Wars: Galaxies. It is reportedly being developed by "the dev team responsible for Battalion Wars", which we can only assume is Kuju Entertainment.

Like its Xbox Live incarnation, the Wii and DS versions of the game will feature both a "Retro" and "Evolved" version. However, there will be significant upgrades in the form of a full single-player campaign mode as well as a multiplayer mode (whether online play will be supported is unknown at this point). The Wii version will of course take advantage of the Wii Remote, and the DS version will use the touchscreen and stylus.

This expanded version of Geometry Wars is exclusive to Nintendo's two platforms and is currently expected to release this fall. Stay tuned to Nintendo World Report for further details as they arrive.


UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorMay 22, 2007

Could this be the first Wii Download for the DS, or will it be put on a cart and sold at retail?

WuTangTurtleMay 22, 2007

wishful thinking UncleBob.....it will almost definitely be on a cart. Plus I'd rather the first Wii download game be something more spectacular from Nintendo instead to kick it all off.

I've heard people grumble that the evidence (picture) looks fake to them... I hope it isn't! It'd be really cool to own this acclaimed game... and even have multiplayer!!!

I have the issue in front of me and the picture doesn't look fake, but it looks exactly like the Xbox Live version (as far as I can tell) so who knows if it's from the Wii version.

There's not even a hint of it being a downloadable title, so I think it's a pretty safe bet that it'll be sold at retail.

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