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Iwata on Nintendo's Financial Report

by Steven Rodriguez - April 27, 2007, 2:03 pm PDT
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Even the Nintendo prez can't believe the success of the DS. Also, 40% of Wiis are connected to the Internet and a lot of games are being developed by Nintendo.

In addition to releasing its financial report this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata held a press conference for his company's investors. The presentation highlighted Nintendo's reasons for success over the past year, most of which was due to the Nintendo DS. Predictably, Iwata focused his attention on the handheld for the bulk of his speech.

Here are some of the highlights of the press event, which you can watch here.

  • The 23.56 million DS systems Nintendo shipped out in the past year is the biggest single-year shipment total in Nintendo's history.

  • Collectively, the Brain Age games have sold more than 12 million copies, with no sign of slowing down. Talking about the longevity of the series, Iwata proclaimed that Brain Age has "destroyed the industry standard that software can only be sold for a couple of weeks after launch."

  • Nintendo's internal research has found that first-time DS owners that started with Brain Age have gone on to buy other Nintendo games, the top three being New Super Mario Bros, Big Brain Academy and Nintendogs.

  • 13.6 million copies of Nintendogs have been sold worldwide.

  • In Japan, 15 of Nintendo's DS games have sold over a million. Of those, three have sold over four million: New Super Mario Bros., Brain Training 2 and Animal Crossing DS.

  • Four third party Japanese DS games have also sold over a million, although Iwata didn't mention which ones.

  • Iwata remarked that the Nintendo DS is the fastest-selling game hardware in Japanese history.

  • In talking about the trends in the Japanese market, Iwata pointed out how in years past, the console market has traditionally been larger than the handheld market. However, this past year that trend flipped, and the portable market was 1.6 times larger than the console market in 2006. Iwata said that this turn of events is "historically unbelievable."

  • Moving to worldwide charts, Iwata showed the top 20 games of previous years from various countries. In 2005, Very few to no Nintendo games were on the charts. In 2006, more games on Nintendo systems started to show up. Using Q1 2007 and recent weekly figures to drive the point home, Nintendo games dominate the charts. After showing that 18 out of 20 games on the German top sellers list were for Nintendo hardware, Iwata remarked, "I have never seen anything like this."

  • Approximately 40% of Wii consoles are connected to the Internet.

  • Worldwide, 3.3 million Virtual Console games have been paid for and downloaded.

  • In the past year, Nintendo sold about 150 million games across all its systems. Iwata stated that Nintendo's goal for this year is to double that number and sell 300 million games worldwide.

In related news, Bloomberg learned that Nintendo currently has 45 Wii games and 79 DS games under development. However, it wasn't made clear if all of these games are actually being developed by Nintendo, or if they include third party titles.


ShyGuyApril 27, 2007

That's good numbers for Wii online because it has to overcome three things:

1. The amount of casual Wii users who aren't technology minded

2. The requirement of broadband

3. The requirement of Wifi*

(*excluding lan adapters)

I wonder what the stats are for 480p and Widescreen usage.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorApril 27, 2007

What's the percent of 360's that are online?

TansunnApril 27, 2007

Apparently it's at 60 percent: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6154153.html

CericApril 27, 2007

Still good. Though 45 and 79 for game numbers. Wow. Especially if thats just Nintendo but I doubt that. Not that I'm ditching Nintendo or anything I just don't seem them having the capacity for that sort of game developement at one time. Actually anyone for that matter.

Guitar SmasherApril 27, 2007

There's gotta be more than 79 DS games in development right now, when all parties are considered.

mantidorApril 27, 2007

if I'm reading correctly this are first party published titles only.

How in the world does Nintendo have FORTY-FRIGGIN'-FIVE WII GAMES IN DEVELOPMENT BY THEMSELVES?!?!?!?!

... Maybe... maybe 75% of thsoe are tech demos? Yeah, 75% of those are probably demonstration or testing projects that have the potential to turn into real games, but probably won't.

~Carmine "Cai" M. Red

trip1eXApril 27, 2007

The 45 probably includes 2nd party projects. PLus many of those games could be 2 years out or more even so it's not unbelievable especially since we have no previous numbers to compare it to.

They are making stuff like Brain Academy for the Wii too which have much smaller budgets and development times. Hopefully a smaller list price too.

IceColdApril 27, 2007


After showing that 18 out of 20 games on the German top sellers list were for Nintendo hardware, Iwata remarked, "I have never seen anything like this."
So, KDR.. how come the Wii isn't sold out if this is happening?

BigJimApril 27, 2007

Iwata notes that not all of those games may come to fruition. So many of them really are sort of like demos in the concept stage. Plus, who's to say how many cheapie minigames, ala Play, are in the total.

40% online penetration is pretty solid considering there aren't even any premiere online games yet. That'll bump when the content comes.

GalfordApril 28, 2007

Some of those are games that will never be released.
Miyamoto has stated more then once Nintendo makes games that are just concept titles.

I feel really weird reading these numbers.
Does NOA or NOE have there own financial report or is this all regions wrapped into one?
This seems like a very Japan centric report.

NephilimApril 28, 2007

Pokemon ranger is the top selling game in Uk also, suprised me
nowonder why they are in no rush to release diamond and pearl, despite upset ppl ranting online about NOE

steveyApril 28, 2007

According to gonintendo they're 1st/2nd party games and most aren't demo/nongames


45 Wii games, 79 DS games being developed by Nintendo, first info on these games at end of Summer

Many of these games are “real gamer games” such as Super Mario Galaxy

Damn, If only E3 was still next week and not 74 days more away face-icon-small-sad.gif

that Baby guyApril 28, 2007

I still expect to see Super Mario Galaxy in August. That's when we got Super Mario Sunshine, and, if memory serves correct, there have been a few other Mario releases in August.

KDR_11kApril 28, 2007


Originally posted by: IceCold

After showing that 18 out of 20 games on the German top sellers list were for Nintendo hardware, Iwata remarked, "I have never seen anything like this."
So, KDR.. how come the Wii isn't sold out if this is happening?

DS? Not selling out still meaning more sales than other software? Norton finally got dropped from the sales charts?

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