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Welcome to GameCube Tribute Week at NWR

by Steven Rodriguez - January 29, 2007, 12:00 pm EST
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Find out what we have planned for our seven-day celebration of the GameCube.

With the Wii currently experiencing a slight dip in new releases, it's the perfect time for us to set the record straight for a little game console that goes by the name of Nintendo GameCube. Its five year history had many ups, downs, twists and turns; so many, in fact, that it's going to take us a whole week to pay our respects to our fallen brother.

Since the GameCube was always all about the games, it should follow that this week be all about them, too. So, all week long we'll be taking a look back at the best GameCube games ever created with a feature appropriately entitled Nintendo World Report's Greatest GameCube Games. Every day this week at 12:00 Noon PT, we'll unveil a group of games that we consider to be the must-owns of the GameCube generation, along with some other stuff thrown in there for good measure. By this Friday, you'll know which GC games you absolutely, positively need to play. (If you haven't played them yet, shame on you. If you have, pull out your Wii and play them again!)

Here's a little preview of what games we'll add to the feature each day:

The full special is now up for you to enjoy. We're not hiding anything else, so if you've been avoiding it to take it all in at once, this is the time to do it.

Click here for Nintendo World Report's Greatest GameCube Games Feature

Our Greatest GameCube Games feature is just one part of the celebration. In addition to the daily reveal, we'll also be paying homage to the GameCube with our regular features. Have a look-see:

Monday: Virtual Console Mondays: GameCube Edition

The Wii isn't the only Nintendo console that can play classic games on the cheap.

- Virtual Console Profile Page

Wednesday: Radio Free Nintendo: Remembering the GameCube

The podcast crew talks about the good times they had with the 'Cube to go with the usual RFN tomfoolery.

- Radio Free Nintendo Home Page

Friday: NWR Radio Trivia: The All-GameCube Special

Do know your GameCube game music? This is where you can prove it. The winner will take home two valuable GameCube games!

- Radio Trivia Home Page (and Rules)

Sunday: NWR Mailbag: Your GameCube Questions Answered

The Greatest GameCube Games list is complete. However, someone thinks that we made a major omission that is big enough to render the list invalid. The NWR response is inside, as well as more GC love.

- NWR Mailbag Listing

- Click here to send questions

Be sure to visit Nintendo World Report daily and give the GameCube the respect it deserves. The GameCube would do the same for you!


So this is like the eulogy for our little lunchbox? So sad.

IceColdJanuary 29, 2007

We should all join hands and sing a requiem face-icon-small-frown.gif

TrueNerdJanuary 29, 2007

Not unlike a zombie, PlanetGameCube is back from the dead! And thank God, that whole thing about Reporting on Nintendo with a Worldly perspective was really starting to wear thin, srsly.

While we're doing GC-related tributes, I suggest a whole separate week to Metroid Prime and why it was the greatest game of last generation, except this tribute will have booze, blackjack and hookers.

In all seriousness though, I'm excited to see what this week holds in store.

NinGurl69 *hugglesJanuary 29, 2007


PlugabugzJanuary 29, 2007

The cube has a 4 and-a-bit year life span in Europe.

May 17 2002 to December 7 2006.

GalfordJanuary 29, 2007

I guess this will be like "F***ing Konami Week" over at Insertcredit/Selectbutton.
Accept "F***ing Konami Week" really would have games, booze, and hookers.

Well at least this site is sending the GC off properly.
Kinda weird, hype about the GC is what started this place.

It is a sad day...

ShyGuyJanuary 29, 2007

Coolness. Cube will live 4-EVA!!

DjunknownJanuary 29, 2007


We should all join hands and sing a requiem

Someone beat you to it face-icon-small-wink.gif

Anyways, its nice that NWR takes us back (but not too far back) to appreciate the little 'Cube that could. Can't wait for what's going to happen this week!

The rotting corpse of my GC-in-the-closet will come back as a zombie to eat imported brains...uh, I mean games.

BlackNMild2k1January 29, 2007

I would pack up my GC now that I have a Wii, but it has been the only DVD player that I have in my room since..... ever. My new DVD player doesn't arrive until sometime next week so I have to keep it out. And is sux, cause everytime I look at the old thing(can't remember the last time I played a Cube game) all I see is a sad face looking back at me.... damn mirror faceplate.

BranDonk KongJanuary 30, 2007

Why must you taunt us with your l337 Q-having ass?

BlackNMild2k1January 30, 2007


Originally posted by: Brandogg
Why must you taunt us with your l337 Q-having ass?
I gotta get my money'$ worth some how

18 DaysFebruary 03, 2007

I hope the secret events better be Donkey Kong Jungle Beat blowouts.

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