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Three New Games From Square-Enix

by Mike Sklens - May 8, 2006, 3:05 pm EDT
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Two for Wii, none for you!

We just got back from the Square-Enix conference, and there is tons of news to report. In addition to the already annouced games, Square blew the lid off some secret titles in development for various Nintendo consoles.

First off, Dragon Quest will be making it's way to the Nintendo Wii with the title "Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen & The Tower of Mirrors." The trailer showed a person running through the woods with a Wii controller, slashing at bad guys. No gameplay footage was shown. However, the game is confirmed to be a launch title for the Wii.

They also showed off two new Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles games. The first, subtitled "Ring of Fates" is a game for the Nintendo DS. While Square confirmed that the game will have multiplayer support, there was no mention of whether or not it would support Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. What's very interesting is that there did not appear to be a "bucket" (the crystal that created the space all characters had to remain within) in the game.

The other Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game was titled "The Crystal Bearers" and is in development for the Wii. It was described as "a fusion of graphics and style." No gameplay footage was shown, but the CGI trailer showed a lot of airships.

As for other games, a little was revealed about Children of Mana for the Nintendo DS. The game includes a new "ricochet" system which applies Newton's 3rd Law: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."


Ian SaneMay 08, 2006

"What's very interesting is that there did not appear to be a 'bucket' (the crystal that created the space all characters had to remain within) in the game."

Thank God. That pretty much ruined the first game for me.

ArbokMay 08, 2006


Originally posted by: PGC NewsBot
What's very interesting is that there did not appear to be a "bucket" (the crystal that created the space all characters had to remain within) in the game.

Thank god, as I hated that "feature" in the GCN game. Overall... I'm afraid to say I'm not all that excited about this, unless Dragon Quest is a more traditional RPG instead of a spin off of the franchise like it sounds. Still great to see a DQ launch title, though.

couchmonkeyMay 08, 2006

Yeah, GAF's headline is all like, "Dragon Quest for Wii!!!!!" and for a second I actually believed it. Then I realized it was probably just another crappy spin-off. As I predicted, Square Enix's promise of multiplatform support this generation still leaves Sony with the real Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. It's probably not a bad strategy, but I have a bad feeling that the Dragon Quest game is not going to be a real RPG, which is what I really want.

In spite of my whining, it's still great news that Nintendo is getting two exclusive launch titles from Japan's biggest RPG developer, this is just the type of support GameCube needed. Hooray!

ruby_onixMay 08, 2006

Kenshin Dragon Quest came out a couple years ago in Japan, and had a lot of potential, but was kind of lame, because Enix supposedly built the entire game within 3 months of deciding that the technology in their Revmote-style sword was a good idea. It apparently didn't even have any story, or anything good that Enix is known for, beyond a Dragon Quest logo on the box. Because Enix thought it would sell based on the Revmote-style gimmick and brand name alone.

Dragon Quest Swords on the Revolution/Wii has been a no-brainer since the moment the Revolution's secret was announced. If Enix has been working on the game since they heard of the Revolution, it should be fantastic. If they just slapped it together because it was so obvious that it required zero thought, then it'll suck massively.

The name "Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen & The Tower of Mirrors" suggests that this one will have a plot. Unfortunately, it might also suggest that there's only one dungeon (tower) in the entire game.

With Dragon Quest 8, there seems to be a building demand for freshness in the gameplay of the DQ series. Dragon Quest Swords could very well become the new standard for Dragon Quest, assuming the game has the required depth and addictive qualities of the original. Unfortunately the game won't be able to boast about it's graphics. Not even because graphics apparently aren't the Wii's strong suit, but because Enix hasn't apparently hired anyone big like Level 5 to provide the graphics. But there's a chance (best case scenario here) that they'll be as good as Dragon Quest 8. Enix supposedly got one of their other teams to reproduce Level 5's DQ8 graphics on the PSP, so they should be able to do the same for the better-than-PS2 Rev/Wii.

RequiemMay 08, 2006

FF:CC had alot of potential as well. It just sucked because of two main reasons: the bucket, the hardware "activation level"

Now with Nintendo Wii's ability to play LAN off a single disk and of course, the Wiimote, I feel that this game could actually make me sh!t myself.

NephilimMay 09, 2006

Is the pokemon game for mobile phone not a new game? hmmmmmmmm

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