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TIME Magazine Hands-On With Wii

by Ty Shughart - May 7, 2006, 2:56 pm EDT
Total comments: 26 Source: TIME Magazine

WarioWare, Zelda, Tennis hands-on, plus a couple of Madden details.

In next week's issue of TIME Magazine, Nintendo has given TIME a hands-on with the Wii and a couple of upcoming games. Watch for this on your local newsstands or mailbox, as there's a mention of it right on the cover. And, between a whole lot of words, there are gameplay details on WarioWare, a tennis title, and Zelda: Twilight Princess.

WarioWare uses the same formula of rapid minigames with the motion sensor controller; TIME mentions quite a few of the minigames, including fly swatting, weight lifting, key-turning, fishing, driving, cooking, balancing, and hula-dancing. There's no mention of multiplayer one way or another yet. In Zelda, the controller was used to swordfight, aim a bow and arrow, and fish. TIME magazine also described the new Tennis game as probably being the most fun and having excellent controls; the player can forehand, backhand, lob, and slice the ball with its very refined controls.

In addition, there are some quotes from Electronic Arts about what they're working on for Madden for the Wii. As previously mentioned, the player can control the game largely through gestures, like hiking the ball, passing, etc., and the game can tell the difference between different kinds of passes, like bullet passes or higher lob passes.


KnoxxvilleMay 07, 2006

w00t! TIME GET!!

I've always been more of a NewsWeek man myself...

~Carmine M. Red

MaleficentOgreMay 07, 2006

I'll read it. how much does time cost?

couchmonkeyMay 07, 2006

Groovy! WarioWare was a sure thing, anyway. Tennis sounds good, definitely a sport that could work well on Wii.

ib2kool4u912May 07, 2006


Originally posted by: MaleficentOgre
I'll read it. how much does time cost?

I think around $4 or so.

JonLeungMay 07, 2006

Hey, that's cool. Is this the first we've (more or less officially) heard of a WarioWare for the Wii?

RequiemMay 07, 2006

Yes....yes I think so....

mantidorMay 07, 2006

If you think about it it was hinted in the very first trailer, I realized that when they mentioned the fly swatting thing.

RequiemMay 07, 2006


Manditor, you may be on to something.

If I recall correctly, the fly-swatting segment was.......multiplayer! That could mean that WarioWare has finally gone multiplayer!


TrueNerdMay 07, 2006

What do you mean, "finally has gone multiplayer"? The one for GameCube was all about the multiplayer.

Anyways, this whole Zelda/Wii controller things sounds... meh to me. I'll try it out to be sure, and it may be cool, but it's not that exciting. Maybe that's just because I know the game will be more then able to stand on it's feet without that functionality. And w00t for Wario Ware!

RequiemMay 07, 2006


No sh!t.....

Disregard my previous comment.

wanderingMay 07, 2006

Actually, what Requiem posted was exactly what I was thinking. The cube version was multiplayer, but not true multiplayer...you took turns playing the old GBA games. Still a lot of fun with friends, but, for this game, I want four people to be able to compete in every minigame simultaneously. That would make it the ultimate party game.

Ian SaneMay 07, 2006

WarioWare is no suprise. I honestly can't think of anything more likely for Nintendo to make as one of their first Wii titles. It was one of their first DS games after all. Plus this whole non-gamer, simple games stuff seemed to first come about after the surprise success of the first WarioWare game. Nintendo LOVES WarioWare and they're going to milk the crap out of it.

I haven't bought any WarioWare games so I'm probably not going to buy this. I wonder how well the "100s of super small games" concept will play out on a full fledged console game. With a portable there's good reason to make a game that you play in small doses so the concept is a good fit. But on a console usually you're sitting down and planning on playing some games for a fair period of time. That's a big difference and I hope Nintendo takes that into account.

A tennis game might be cool. I'm hoping that maybe Nintendo won't shoehorn Mario into it and will try to create a NEW franchise for a change.

As for Zelda, I just hope the Gamecube game hasn't been messed with since that's probably what I'll be playing it on when I get it. I think it's pretty damn obvious that we're not playing Zelda now entirely becuase of this Wii stuff.

RennyMay 07, 2006

The "core gamer" is usually sitting down to play for awhile. I'm looking forward to playing WarioWare Wii for awhile.

BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusMay 07, 2006

Actually Ian, I don't think the GameCube game was going to be ready in time for last year. There are still things in the core game that they're tying together. I'll be interested in seeing just how the Wii controls fit the game.

Interesting that the first magazine they give a hands on to (UbiSoft gave an approved hands on to GI) was Time. It really does fit in with their "growing the industry" rhetoric.

18 DaysMay 07, 2006

I'm expecting TP to be released on both Gamecube and Revolution.

Infernal MonkeyMay 08, 2006

Wario Ware is the perfect game to launch with the machine, much like DS (unless you live in America and it wasn't a launch title owned so bad), it showed just what sort of wacky new things could be done on the system right off the bat in quick random succession.

And the whole portable vs. console amount of time thing can never successfully be used in any e-whinge ever. Seriously. Nobody turns on their consoles with the intention of wasting a few hours everytime. Unless you're a weirdo RPG fan.

Nick DiMolaNick DiMola, Staff AlumnusMay 08, 2006

Tennis Game Eh? Here's to hoping it is a new Mario Tennis. I can barely sleep at night just thinking about the Nintendo Press Conference tomorrow. Today is going to be agony waiting for tomorrow.

Spak-SpangMay 08, 2006

It probably won't be Mario Tennis, as Nintendo is trying to grow up and appeal to a larger demographic. To create a different Tennis game that Adults would be comfortable to play would go along way to helping Nintendo. Too bad, because Mario Tennis would be a great launch game.

Hostile CreationMay 08, 2006

I'm not sure whether or not I'll buy Warioware Wii, but I definitely want to play it. I'm sure one of my friends will get it.
There are so many microgame possibilities. It boggles the mind.

As for tennis, I believe there was a screenshot, and I believe it was one of not Mario Tennis, but I could be mistaken.

archioverloadMay 08, 2006

"A tennis game might be cool. I'm hoping that maybe Nintendo won't shoehorn Mario into it and will try to create a NEW franchise for a change."

Tingle Tennis?

Spak-SpangMay 08, 2006

You know I haven't bought a single WarioWare game. I need more substance to my games...but the concept sounds amazing.

Personally, I really think WarioWare and the Wii controller is even better than WarioWare for the DS or with the Tilt.

You can literally do so much crazy concepts...and simple things that regularly wouldn't be fun become fun.

Screwing in a screw


Fly Swatting




It is all possible in Wario Ware in a new and fun environment.

Hostile CreationMay 08, 2006

Imagine playing that plate swivelling game from Warioware Touched on Wii. It'd be impossible face-icon-small-happy.gif

SlayerZeroMay 08, 2006

While Warioware is an interesting launch title, I would like to see some games with more substance to them. Mario Tennis would be pretty sweet, but a Mario spin-off doesn't seem to be a likely launch title.

Smash_BrotherMay 08, 2006

I've loved Wario Ware since the very first one and have owned every iteration of it since. I will no doubt buy this one.

Also, it would be the ideal game to sell the concept. It's easy to approach and would be an assload of fun at parties.

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