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King of Fighters DS Confirmed

by Karl Castaneda - April 24, 2006, 1:58 pm EDT
Total comments: 5 Source: IGN

Take SNK's classic franchise wherever you go on Nintendo's latest portable.

According to IGN, at a recent event, King of Fighters producer Falcoon announced that details on a DS version of the franchise would be made public soon. This is essentially a confirmation that, although details are scarce, a KoF title is in development for the handheld.

With the DS lacking a good fighting library at the moment, this is great news for everyone. Stay tuned to PGC as more is revealed.


G3cycoApril 24, 2006

this better not be some f'n card game.

NephilimApril 24, 2006

Ex3 hopefuly

darknight06April 24, 2006

SNK vs. Capcom card fighters is supposed to be planned for the DS, so this won't be a card game. Hopefully this will be Ex3 based off of either KoF2003 or KOFXI. Either way, they better not halfass it anywhere, the DS is WAY more than capable of doing a quality KoF experience.

MaleficentOgreApril 24, 2006

port up of the GBA game maybe?

animecyberratApril 24, 2006

KOF is ok but I am waiting for themt o get Samurai Showdown and World Heroes out.

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