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Trauma Centre: Under the Knife Coming to Europe this April

by Lasse Pallesen - February 20, 2006, 4:03 am EST
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Europeans can now also learn what it's like being a surgeon.

Is There A Surgeon In The House?

Scalpels At The Ready As Trauma Centre: Under The Knife launches The Nintendo DS

20 January 2006 - A steady hand will be required as life and death decisions are laced firmly in your palm when Trauma Centre: Under The Knife launches on the Nintendo DS across Europe on 28th April 2006.

Become the next emergency room super-star as you take on the role of rookie doctor Derek Stiles in Trauma Centre: Under The Knife, from Publisher and Developer Atlus, Co. After being emerged into a dramatic and exciting storyline, players must guide Dr Stiles through a series of operations, learning new skills and talents along the way.

Set in Hope Hospital, Bay Dr Stiles must learn to cope under pressure as he gets to grip with basic surgery. After getting a few operations under his belt his mentors realise Dr Stiles is no ordinary doctor, but possesses a gift known in medical circles as the 'Healing Touch', a skill only possessed by a few top doctors, this special ability allows you to slow down time and perform miracles. Players must now utilise all the speed and concentration they can muster to master Stiles' fantastic ability and save lives.

As rumours of his talent spread, Dr Stiles is scouted by Caduceus, an arm of the World Health Organisation responsible for being at the forefront of modern medicine and disease prevention. He is asked to help combat and eradicate diseases such as GUILT (Gangliated Utophin Imuno Latency Toxin), a disease that is thought to be spread by a medical terrorist group based in Africa, and save the world.

If variety is what you desire then Trauma Centre: Under the Knife won't disappoint. In the game's main Story Mode players must complete an array of different operations, with many different medical instruments, to prove themselves a miracle doctor. They can also unlock many secret missions by completing surgery with enough speed and proficiency. All of the operations in Trauma Centre must be performed within a strict time limit, while also monitoring and safeguarding the general condition of the patient.

Story Mode is not the only game play option available to players, they can also select Challenge Mode for the chance to re-enact any previously completed operations and attempt to beat their previous score and rank.

Using Nintendo DS's unique touch-screen, players are put in the heart of the action – carrying out surgery using the Nintendo DS stylus on the lower screen. The touch-screen not only displays the area of surgery, but also displays all the tools for the job including scalpels, tweezers, syringes, lasers and more. This user interface allows players to quickly select the correct tools for the job and adds realism by making the player use each individual item. The top screen is used to display vital hints and tips from colleagues, time remaining and the all-important number of mistakes made.

So scrub up and prepare to eradicate the world of disease as Trauma Centre: Under The Knife goes on sale across Europe on 28th April 2006 at the estimated retail price of around £29.99.


I bet a lot of Americans will be importing from Europe for the first time, because this game is virtually impossible to find here.

ArtimusFebruary 20, 2006

Oddly enough all the Canadian stores (except Futureshop...) have gotten supplies in since the new year. They didn't have it at all when it came out. So if anyone wants to save, just get it from Amazon.ca. The shipping MAY be a tad pricey, but the actual game costs the exact same (after conversion) and it'd be cheaper than Europe!

SvevanEvan Burchfield, Staff AlumnusFebruary 20, 2006

I got mine at EBGames, but it was the last place I looked. European gamers will hopefully enjoy the sultry nurse voice that says "Good Job, Dr. Stiles," when you don't kill the patient.

vuduFebruary 20, 2006

I've seen this game all over the place. It's Phoenix Wright that we may need to import from Europe. (However, I've heard a few rumors that Phoenix Wright will be re-released in March. Not sure if it's true or not.)

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