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Next-Generation Sonic Confirmed

by Michael Cole - May 20, 2005, 8:53 am PDT
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Take that, Shadow!

One of Sega's biggest booth attractions at E3 is a fifteen-minute reel of next-generation footage. While all of the footage shown is either confirmed for Xbox 360 or undecided, the sequence ends with a lengthy teaser for a new Sonic game. Since Sonic has been consistently well-received on the GameCube, it will most likely appear on the Revolution (though it was clearly running on an Xbox 360 alpha kit).

The Sonic teaser is almost completely a cut-scene showing off smooth, real-time renders of Sonic dashing through a meadow and evading huge armies of robots. To prove the footage is generated on-the-fly, the camera briefly goes into first-person view and the demonstrator shoots rings. The demo ends with Sonic turning into Super Sonic and flying into a mass of enemies.

Ben Kosmina contributed to this article.


joshnickersonMay 20, 2005

Unless they fix what's broken with 3-D Sonic (which hasn't happened in four games), I could care less.

TMWMay 20, 2005

I still say they need to do a Massive, 50+ level epic of a 2D Sonic game.

PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMay 20, 2005

Does anyone else have this weird feeling Sega, Sammy, Silicon Knights, and Microsoft are all about to become the same company? Hmmm...

gallyMay 20, 2005

I found the perfect Sonic game for me at Sonic Robo Blast 2. Played with analog controls turned on, it's IMO what a 3D Sonic should be.

Sega needs to top that if they really want my attention. It's one hell of a statement when fans somehow manage to outdo the company of their inspiration (something that tends to happen, like, never).

Sonicjam105May 20, 2005

were i can see the teaser g4 did show it at e3

ssj4_androidMay 22, 2005


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