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Metroid Prime Hunters Trailer

by Rick Powers - May 17, 2005, 10:02 pm EDT
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More BitTorrenty goodness, direct from E3!

And in this corner, weighing in at about 30MB, direct-feed, high-res footage of Metroid Prime Hunters. Please read our BitTorrent guide if you haven't already, then start downloading.

Metroid Prime Hunters (30MB, MPEG 2)

Please remember to keep seeding the file and help spread it to others!


MaleficentOgreMay 17, 2005

I'm downloading it now, but I was wondering if it was the same one that was here. http://nintendo.co.jp/n10/e3_2005/movie/metroid.wmv

Myxtika1 AznMay 17, 2005

I'm very disappointed after watching that trailer. All it had was multiplayer stuff, whereas I was hoping to see the story mode. Hopefully that's not all there is.

mantidorMay 17, 2005

Dissapointed!? how could you? I love it! I was afraid the multiplayer was going to be a bunch of Samuses clones beating at each other, but there are many types of "bounty hunters" each with their very own "morphball" technique, thats awesome!. I think that this might not be the Metroid we are used to, but I hope Metroid fans at least try to give this a chance, I know I will.

NephilimMay 17, 2005

the game looks awsome, huge update from the demo

PaLaDiNMay 17, 2005

Oh yeah. I love the enemy concepts, and the word on the AI's intelligence makes me happy. I won't be too disappointed if there's no story mode in this one either... Metroid Dread is enough for my singleplayer fix.

SemjazaMay 18, 2005

I've downloaded three of these four videos and not a single one runs for me. I have every video codec I can think of installed and I use Bittorrent on a regular basis... So I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong. I just get a "Cannot open file" in every player I try these in.

Has anyone else has this problem?

mantidorMay 18, 2005

try ffdshow. If you have DivX already installed is better to uninstall it before installing this one. Its one awesome codec package, if after installing it the video still doesnt work then it was encoded by an alien race.

dl the alpha version btw

RickPowersRick Powers, Staff AlumnusMay 18, 2005

It's just standard MPEG2. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to view it.

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