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Hi-Res Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Trailer!

by Zosha Arushan - May 17, 2005, 4:04 pm EDT
Total comments: 19 Source: http://pgctorrent.no-ip.info:6969/

If you can't wait for slow servers, we've got just the torrent for you!

Weighing in at just over 77 MB, the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess trailer has been melting servers left and right.

For those of you familiar with the file-sharing program BitTorrent, we have another option. Thanks to the magic of the internet, PGC has an official E3-only bittorrent tracker running, which can be viewed here, and at the moment has a torrent file of the exciting new trailer.

Unfamiliar with BitTorrent? Follow these quick and easy steps.

  • Download and install BitTorrent

  • Left click on the torrent link

  • When your browser prompts you to, choose to "open file" with BitTorrent.

  • Observe in amazement as you're downloading with speed!

  • Talkback

    MakzuMay 17, 2005

    YES, Bittorrent is the perfect way to spread this big file around. I'm going to keep my torrent client open until long after E3 is done with...

    I trust we'll see more high-res mpegs of different things on this tracker as time progresses?

    PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMay 17, 2005

    Yes, this is outstanding guys. Thanks for rocking!

    mantidorMay 17, 2005

    This is Awesome!! bittorrent indeed rocks! but I dont want to see the video because of spoilers face-icon-small-sad.gif
    *downloads it anyway*

    RickPowersRick Powers, Staff AlumnusMay 17, 2005

    Fire Emblem GCN trailer coming shortly!

    bustin98May 17, 2005

    I downloaded it, and my Media Player gives an error. Is there a prefered player for this file?

    Sorry if this seems like a n00b que, but I'd think it seems obvious that Media Player v10 should handle a mpg file...

    Felis Demens CCXXIMay 17, 2005

    Don't have the right codec, perhaps?

    CalibanMay 17, 2005

    PGC, thanks for sharing it through BT. Gosh, I've watched this trailer 3 times already and I ain't done yet with the counting.

    bustin98May 17, 2005

    Yes, thats the error, but what codec do I need??

    PaleMike Gamin, Contributing EditorMay 17, 2005

    At some point your codecs may have gotten messed up... I suggest trying to reinstall WMP, or just try a different media player all together.

    TMWMay 17, 2005

    Holy hell! I can't watch it either...

    This sucks.

    Myxtika1 AznMay 17, 2005

    The Metroid Prime Hunters file is an mpeg2 file, so I'm guessing that this Zelda one is as well. To watch a mpeg2 file, try using a DVD program such as WinDVD or PowerDVD.

    TMWMay 17, 2005

    Well, I have about three programs I use, and between them all I can watch just about anything, save for .rm files...

    This is wierd...it's never happened to me before.

    Oh well...I have the smaller version. I can just watch that.

    KDR_11kMay 18, 2005

    Any chance of a non-BT version for the internet restricted among us?

    Tuxedo.BondMay 18, 2005

    Internet restricted? Anyway, a very good media player that covers many different formats, is VLC(Previously known as: Video Lan Player) Media Player, and MPlayer(Linux).

    I plan on seeding these with my 384kb upload connection as much as possible.

    ruby_onixMay 18, 2005


    The Metroid Prime Hunters file is an mpeg2 file, so I'm guessing that this Zelda one is as well. To watch a mpeg2 file, try using a DVD program such as WinDVD or PowerDVD.

    Thanks. I had tried watching the trailer in Windows Media Player a couple times, and it would sort of try to play it with no sound, then crash. I fired up PowerDVD and it ran just fine (although it's a little too much for my comp to run smoothly).

    Shift KeyMay 19, 2005

    I'll pimp out BSPlayer for anyone who's had problems playing the videos. Its a lightweight media player that plays just about any video file (QT videos are the only one I can't play so far) out-of-the-box. A free download here.

    KDR_11kMay 19, 2005

    The problem I have is that Bittorrent doesn't get through the proxy.

    mantidorMay 19, 2005

    as far as I knew, its not the player but the codecs whats important, once you have the right codecs it can play in any player, am I wrong?

    KDR_11kMay 20, 2005

    Yep. Some codecs aren't officially available, stuff like Quicktime or RealMedia requires unofficial codecs to work without their primitive proprietary players.

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