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EA Announces E3 Line-Up

by Karl Castaneda - May 11, 2005, 12:47 pm PDT
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"Challenge everything" at E3 this year!

EA Announces 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo Line-Up; EA to Debut 26 Current Generation Console and PC Titles

E3Expo 2005

Booth #1000/South Hall

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2005--Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS) today announced its robust line-up of videogame titles for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) taking place in Los Angeles May 18-20, 2005. EA's 2005/2006 roster of EA SPORTS(TM) and EA(TM) branded games for the Xbox(R) video game system from Microsoft, the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, PSP(TM) handheld entertainment system, Nintendo GameCube(TM), Nintendo DS(TM), PC and mobile phones will be showcased in EA's booth #1000 in the South Hall. The show also marks the world debut of EA's next-generation games which will appear both on the show floor and in the exclusive "Next Gen Lab," by invitation only.

EA brings to the show its broadest array of titles in the company's 23-year history. The preeminent EA SPORTS line-up is complimented by a stunning array of new games from highly-acclaimed EA franchises including: Need For Speed(TM), The Sims(TM), Battlefield and Burnout(TM). Will Wright's highly-anticipated next project, SPORE(TM), also will be at the show by appointment only.

The Godfather(TM), James Bond 007(TM): From Russia With Love(TM), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(TM), Batman Begins(TM) and Marvel Nemesis(TM): Rise of the Imperfects(TM) round out EA's line-up of action/adventure titles, making it the strongest line-up of world-famous licensed entertainment properties.

"What EA is bringing to E3 this year is a culmination of years of innovation, creativity and dedication to making games that consumers want to play," said Don Mattrick, EA's President of worldwide studios. "The games we have in development across platforms are unprecedented, especially when complimented by our next generation offering -- EA's line-up truly is a gamer's dream come true."

EA SPORTS(TM) branded E3 line-up

EA SPORTS will showcase three of its current generation sports games, all of which feature online(1) gameplay through EA SPORTS Nation and support online play for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox LIVE(TM) and PC.

Madden NFL 06 -- For the first time in 10 years, the Madden NFL Football franchise has revolutionized its passing game -- giving Madden NFL 06 the most groundbreaking and innovative offensive arsenal ever created. The new QB Vision Control lets you scan the field, look off defenders, and make perfect throws within your quarterback's unique field of vision. QB Precision Placement lets you put the ball exactly where you want it. You can also experience the life of an NFL Player with NFL Superstar Mode, where you can earn one of more than 60 Personas ranging from MVP to Movie Star. Madden NFL 06 brings authentic NFL passing to video games in its 16th year of the franchise and now has the exclusive NFL and NFLPA license. Madden NFL 06 is scheduled to ship this summer on the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PC, PSP, Nintendo DS and mobile.

EA(TM) branded E3 line-up

EA delivers 14 games ranging from new titles and experiences on award-winning franchises to all-new franchises, making their debut as videogames. EA titles will be available on various game consoles and the PC including Xbox, PlayStation 2 console, PSP handheld system, Nintendo DS, and PC.

Batman Begins(TM) -- Launching day-and-date with the film on June 15, 2005, the Batman Begins video game challenges gamers to step into the shadows of Gotham's perilous criminal underworld as DC Comics' legendary Dark Knight, and use fear as their ultimate weapon. The game features an all-star cast, including the voices and likenesses of Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth), Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard), Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes), Cillian Murphy (Dr. Jonathan Crane), Tom Wilkinson (Carmine Falcone) and Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), all reprising their roles from the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures film directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins will be available on PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire(TM) -- Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back! The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire videogame will release in November in conjunction with the Warner Bros. Pictures film based on J.K. Rowling's fourth book. Experience the thrilling moments of the movie and put your magic to the ultimate test in co-operative play with up to two friends. In the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire videogame, licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Harry is mysteriously selected as the fourth contestant in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament(TM). Each competitor in the international competition must confront a fire-breathing dragon, rescue friends from the icy depths of the Black Lake, and navigate the twisting mysteries of a vast, dangerous maze. Players can experience the thrills of the movie -- from the Quidditch(TM) World Cup campsite to a heart-stopping duel with Lord Voldemort(TM) himself! The game will be available for the PlayStation 2 console, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and PC.

From Russia With Love -- will be the first game to put players in the universe of the classic James Bond films. Set in the original 60's Bond era, the game features movie-based missions as well as original, action-intensive sequences, a broad and deep variety of gameplay including create your own Bond, fully-integrated vehicles, social multiplayer experiences, gorgeous women, and classic, upgradeable weapons and gadgetry with modern mechanics. Sean Connery, the original Bond, reprises his role as the dapper Mi6 agent in this innovative, retro-styled and highly anticipated console title from the infamous Bond franchise. From Russia With Love is expected to ship fall 2005 for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.

Marvel Nemesis(TM): Rise of the Imperfects(TM) -- An epic war has struck the Marvel universe and its outcome is in your hands! Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects delivers the most authentic and cinematic Super Hero(TM) fighting experience ever seen in a video game while remaining faithful to Marvel's comic legacy. Pit the most legendary Marvel characters against The Imperfects(TM), a group of Super Heroes(TM) created collaboratively by Marvel, EA, and top comic book industry talent, in all-out duels to determine who among them is the most powerful of all. Control a number of characters from Marvel's library of Super Hero families including Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Pummel and ultimately crush adversaries in fully interactive and highly destructible arenas and experience what it's like to fully posses each Hero's super powers. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects will be released this October for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo DS and PSP handheld.

Medal of Honor European Assault(TM) -- In the latest videogame from EA's acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise, Medal of Honor European Assault, the story line is the star. Europe 1942. These are desperate hours for Allied forces as the Nazi war machine rages across a devastated European landscape. You are US Army Lieutenant William Holt, hand-picked by William "Wild Bill" Donovan to be the first field agent of the newly formed Office of Strategic Services -- the OSS. Medal of Honor European Assault makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe. Against all odds, the leadership choices you make before and during the heat of battle will define your legacy as a hero in this highly anticipated addition to the franchise. Medal of Honor European Assault will be available for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube in June 2005.

Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted -- Wake up to the smell of burnt asphalt as the thrill of illicit street racing permeates the air. From the makers of the hit Need for Speed(TM) Underground series, Need for Speed Most Wanted challenges players to become the most notorious and elusive street racer. Combining illicit street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of strategic police pursuit, Need for Speed Most Wanted will be on every gamer's 'must-have' list this holiday season. Out-race rivals, evade cops and exploit hundreds of miles of open road as gamers rise to the top of the Blacklist, earning respect and notoriety in the illicit street racing scene. Developed in Vancouver, B.C. by EA Canada, Need for Speed Most Wanted will be available for a next generation console as well as the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PSP handheld and PC this November.

The Sims(TM) 2 -- The No. 1 PC game of 2004 is coming this fall completely redefined for all consoles and handheld systems. Directly control your Sims through all of the fully customizable locations unique per platform and create thousands of your own food recipes, clothing designs, potions, inventions, and even personal music tracks and paintings. All games will deliver the classic, open-ended gameplay along with exclusive features per platform. Aspirational driven gameplay and fully customizable content will give players the most authentic Sims experiences ever on console and handhelds. Tell your own stories and directly control your Sims lives to build their worlds, excel in their careers, and fulfill their wants while avoiding their worst fears. Aspirations are the fuel for inspiration -- The Sims 2 is everywhere you want to play and will be available this fall for the PlayStation 2 console, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, PSP handheld, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy(R) Advance.

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent(TM) for the Nintendo DS -- Going where no previous James Bond(TM) game has dared tread, this first-person shooter for the Nintendo DS gives players the chance to explore the dark side of the Bond universe and experience life as an unpredictable villain. As an aspiring 00 agent dismissed from MI6 for reckless brutality, the player is recruited by Auric Goldfinger in a ruthless war against Dr. No. Gamers outwit villainous rivals and battle it out in intense wireless multiplayer mayhem with up to seven other players using only one cartridge. Players exploit multiple weapon combinations through the dual-wield gunplay system, or go head-to-head, melee-style, by taking enemies hostage or knocking them out with one punch. In the all-new for DS 'Virtual Training' mode, players sharpen their lethal edge by defeating infamous Bond villains in order to earn valuable upgrades for their GoldenEye weaponry. Left and right-handed gameplay controls, plus stylus and thumb-pad play, take full advantage of the platform's unique touch-screen capabilities. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent for the Nintendo DS is scheduled to ship June 2005.

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