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Square Enix Applauds Nintendo's WiFi Movement

by Michael Cole - May 11, 2005, 1:15 am EDT
Total comments: 19 Source: Watch Impress

Online Square-Enix games for the Revolution? Perhaps.

Japanese site Watch Impress reports that RPG juggernaut Square Enix is excited about Nintendo's wireless online strategy.

According to the story, Square Enix president Youichi Wada praised Nintendo's effort to create a seamless user experience, eliminating many of the hassles currently associated with internet gaming. Interestingly, the executive focuses on the Revolution, not the DS. Wada's statements suggest Nintendo's philosophy meshes with Square Enix's vision of a strong game-network culture, citing the interaction among players in his company's flagship online title, Final Fantasy XI.

Square Enix is one of the biggest proponents of online play and downloadable games in Japan, and its support would be a huge boon for Nintendo. With any luck, Square Enix will clarify its support of Nintendo's online strategy next week at E3 2005.

Jeff Shirley contributed to this article.

Nintendo Officially Announces DS Online Service

Nintendo and GameSpy buddy up for some online fun.


Nintendo DS Service Provides an Easy, Seamless Transition to Wireless Wi-Fi Gaming

REDMOND, Wash., May 10, 2005 – Nintendo is partnering with IGN Entertainment to create an innovative network for portable video games that is not only expansive but also extremely easy for everyone to use. Set to debut later this year, the wireless service for Nintendo DS™ will use IGN's GameSpy Technology to let people around the world link easily and wirelessly to play games, just as if they were playing face-to-face.

"With minimum setup procedures, Nintendo DS owners will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi gaming just as easily as if they were playing with their friends in the same room," explains Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales & marketing. "To realize this simple and seamless transition to Wi-Fi gaming, we're partnering with one of the leaders in the multiplayer gaming world. Accessing the service will require no added Nintendo subscription charges, whether users hook up using a home broadband Wi-Fi connection or access a Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop, library or elsewhere. It doesn't get any easier than that."

The service will be used by a variety of upcoming games, including the previously announced Animal Crossing® DS. Other titles will be revealed in the coming weeks. When using the service, DS owners can choose whether they would like to play with friends or strangers, whether nearby or on the other side of the world.

The service represents the first foray by IGN's GameSpy into portable games.

"We're excited to bring the technology that powers more than 300 PC and console video games to Nintendo's innovative wireless platform. Now developers can easily and confidently add advanced matchmaking, community and other multiplayer services to their Nintendo DS games," says Mark Stieglitz, general manager of IGN Entertainment's GameSpy Technology Group. "We're honored that Nintendo is choosing IGN's GameSpy as their middleware partner, and look forward to a very long relationship."


CaillanMay 10, 2005

Didn't Nintendo say they were working with SE on wireless at one point? This certainly seems to make sense.

A big launch title for the Revolution from SE would really help it along.

I had thought the same thing, Caillan! I figured it was one of many crossed wires in my head at 1am, since I couldn't google it up on the PGC website.

jromz03May 11, 2005

Probably just a good old pat in the back... Before they proceed and make tons of games for the PS3. Maybe at most a mediocre game for the Rev, something obscure and not too offending to Sony.

Now that Sony has a PSP, no reason for them to develop at all for the NRev. Unless the PSP flops, then in that case SE needs to bow to Nintendo's request face-icon-small-tongue.gif

TalonMay 11, 2005

Well at least its a step to improve the relations between Nintendo and Square-Enix. Besides Square-Enix will support whoever who ever has the largest install base (with the exception of final-fantasy crystal chronicles for GCN).

Bill AurionMay 11, 2005


Originally posted by: Caillan
Didn't Nintendo say they were working with SE on wireless at one point? This certainly seems to make sense.

Miyamoto leaked in an interview last year that they were working with SE on DS online...

SgtShiversBenMay 11, 2005

I don't mean to brag, but I love this quote.

"not just a portable, not just a console -- it's exactly what we wanted in that it's the birth of a completely new platform."

Sums it up pretty good.

steveyMay 11, 2005

so then it will be ffXXI (21)? Now they want easy step up it took 5 hour to step up ffXI!

Ian SaneMay 11, 2005

"Wada's statements suggest Nintendo's philosophy meshes with Square Enix's vision of a strong game-network culture"

This is big. Square and Nintendo parted because they had different philosophies. Square felt that the higher storage capabilities of the CD medium would work well with their games and Nintendo felt that having no load times was more important. They split and the game industry was changed forever. With the Cube there wasn't anything to prevent Square from making the games they wanted to make but they already had a perfect fit with Sony so there was no need to come back in a significant way.

But if their philosophies mesh then it could mean more than one Cube game in exchange for GBA support. Square and Nintendo last had meshing philosophies on the SNES. This could potentially lead to a real reunion where the two companies are close allies like they were before. It's really interesting that online gaming could be the issue to draw them back together since Nintendo has been anything but on the same page with third parties interested in online gaming.

Though I don't really want an MMO focused Square Enix so realistically having them even as an exclusive developer wouldn't matter to me if all of their games were like FFXI. But still it would mean Dragon Warrior on the Rev which means instant-win in Japan which has numerous other benefits that would matter to me. Of all the things Nintendo could do getting Square back would by far have the greatest impact.

Of course we thought Square was back on the Cube and they pretty much left out to dry so this could mean nothing. Still anything postive from Square Enix regarding the Rev and Nintendo's online plans is a good thing. Nintendo can't be totally nuts if the president of Square Enix is pleased with what he sees.

Remember that Square Enix doesn't just support the GBA any more--Nintendo has distributed two of them in North America, and one was developed by Nintendo-funded Brownie Brown! There's no question that the two companies are getting along much better, especially on the handheld front.

NephilimMay 11, 2005

maybe we will get a update of FF11 for Rev?
Heck it makes sense since Sony didnt want it and it was made for them.

jasonditzMay 11, 2005

I'm hoping its something a little more compelling than FFXI was. I'm also hoping its not going to be a "for pay" service like PlayOnline.

Not that FFXI was terrible, but I was sick enough of it that after my 30 day trial ran out I didn't keep paying for it.

ThePermMay 11, 2005

well maybe nintendo is pulling an ace....i mean sony has had square for years...but nintendo had them for a time just as long and maybve perhaps nintendo convinced square that it has an effect on userbase and can screw over sony just like it screwed over nintendo the first time.

IceColdMay 11, 2005

Wada mentioned Iwata's comments about only being able to play with gamers you know. Is this confirmed, and if so, will it be very strict?

ArtimusMay 11, 2005

I think by 'know' they mean non random matching. It doesn't mean someone you actually know in person. Like we could all add each other here. Probably a lot like MSNM/AOL IM. It's actually an interesting idea, but risky...

Uh no, you will be able to play wtih both people you know and strangers. The ENGILSH press release says: "when using the service, DS owners can choose whether they would like to play with friends or strangers, whether nearby or on the other side of the world."

Bill AurionMay 11, 2005

Less chance at getting some jerkface as a playing buddy...I'm all for it...

FamicomMay 11, 2005

SE seems pretty hyped about the Rev's potential, so that's a great thing. The 'not a portable, not a console' quote sounds like something you read on the console box. face-icon-small-smile.gif

ThePermMay 12, 2005

"Wada finishes off on the note of support from Square Enix: "From here on, we'll have to challenge ourselves with content in response to what Nintendo offers. We would like to give strong support.""

from ign...

strong support...sounds good to me.

Truthliesn1seyesMay 13, 2005

Yep, strong support and "we'll have to challenge ourselves with content in responce to what Nintendo offers" sounds good to me. You have to think about why would Squere-enix come out of the blue with this statement regarding the Rev so close to E3. What exactly do they have to gain in making these statements? Seems to me like something is up and this is just prepping the media for something bigger.

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