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More Puppy Mania

by Daniel Bloodworth - April 28, 2005, 7:40 pm EDT
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Interact with Utada's pooch via Japan's DS Download service, and browse other puppies' profiles online.

With the recent release of Nintendogs, there's a lot of puppy business going on in Japan.

First off, is a bonus from pop singer Utada, who has been featured in most of Japan's DS commercials with her song, "Easy Breezy." You can now interact with Utada's puppy, Shin, through the Nintendo DS download kiosks. Other new downloads include demos of Cauduceus, Ganbare Goemon, and one Nintendo's bizarre educational games.

Also this week, Nintendo has posted hundreds of puppy profiles from Nintendogs owners who filled out a quick survey online in the week since release.

This probably isn't the end of all the puppy talk, so stay tuned to PGC.


KokoroApril 29, 2005

I can't wait to get to a kiosk so I can interact with Hikki's Dog

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