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Cloudberry Kingdom Interview with Pwnee Studios

by J.P. Corbran, Jonathan Metts, and Jared Rosenberg - June 12, 2012, 10:28 am EDT
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We talk with Pwnee Studios about their Wii U eShop platformer.  

It's not every day that an independent studio runs a successful Kickstarter campaign for a title coming to Wii U. Using a special level-designing AI, Cloudberry Kingdom will allow players to experience an infinite number of randomly generated side-scrolling stages. Pwnee's founders Jordan Fisher and TJ Lutz were kind enough to meet with NWR during E3 and talk to us about their upcoming game.


supergttJune 12, 2012

Cloudberry is the first wiiu game that I've already paid for :)

Uncle_OptimusJune 12, 2012

Mighty fine interview, Jonny. Was really hoping your would ask about how theirs involvement with Nintendo came to pass and BAM.

I hope this (and other games like Trine) signal a more proactive Ninty in finding and/or supporting small developers with ambitious game designs.

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