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North America

Killer 7

by Mike Sklens - May 20, 2005, 10:15 am EDT
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This game is some sort of post-modern head trip.

Killer 7 is the weirdest game I have ever played. The game is a rail-shooter based on an assassin with seven different personalities. The goal is to eliminate the “Heaven Smile," which are some sort zombie-like monsters loaded with bombs.

The graphics, which are cel-sladed and incredibly twisted, give the game a very post-modern feel. This artistic effect is applied to everything in the game, including dialogue. All of the game’s speech is distorted with bizarre filters. Thankfully, there are subtitles. While they help you distinguish what is being said, they won’t give the plot any more sense, as it’s incredibly strange.

Equally odd are the controls. Movement is on rails and controlled with the A button. The B button does a 180 degree turn so you can head back the way you came. R readies your weapon, and with R held, the L button scans to reveal invisible foes. Also, while holding up your weapon, B will target enemies, the D-pad will cycle targets, and A fires the character’s weapon. It all takes some getting used to, but actually works quite well once you get the hang of it. I’m sure the designers were thinking that in order to make the game completely weird, the controls would have to be weird as well.

Each of the seven personalities has a different weapon. Some prefer slow firing guns that pack a punch, while others let loose with low-damage, high-yield ordnance. Using the right character in a certain area can help a lot. For areas with lots of enemies, I found it best to use Con Smith. Con is blind (he uses his ears to see) and carries a pair of fast-firing automatic pistols.

At this point, I’m interested in playing more of the game, just to see how much more bizarre it can get.

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Genre Shooter
Developer Capcom

Worldwide Releases

na: Killer 7
Release Jul 07, 2005
jpn: Killer 7
Release Q4 2004
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