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North America

Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble

by Jon Lindemann - May 20, 2005, 9:20 am PDT

Joe makes another run at glory.

Viewtiful Joe has translated very well to the DS. The graphics obviously aren't as sharp

as the GameCube version, but they look remarkably similar and the game plays almost exactly the same. It retains the "B-Movie" look and feel popularized by the previous games in the series, but introduces some new wrinkles as well.

The most significant new feature is the "Split" VFX mode. Using the touch screen, the player can split the screen into a top and bottom half, then independently move either half to align elements from one with the other. For example, one level has a key inside a smashed car that's hanging from a giant magnet. There's a car crusher in the floor nearby, but you have no way of moving the magnet forward to drop it in. Using the Split VFX, you can move the top half of the screen such that the magnet is no longer aligned with the car, causing the car to drop to the floor. You can then kick the car forward and into the crusher, at which time the car is compacted and the key pops out. This is only one example; Split VFX is used all over the place and it's really cool. I couldn't find any other types of VFX in the game.

The only part of Viewtiful Joe DS that I found strange was the way the game handled the use of Split VFX. The top screen had Joe standing there in the level, while the bottom screen had the exact same scene only with the VFX manipulation going on. It seemed like the top screen was the main one that should be used for gameplay, while touchscreen was only for Split VFX. It's nothing you won't get used to, but it's weird having two versions of the same level playing in front of you at once.

Viewtiful Joe DS is definitely a game to watch. It has great great graphics and some really innovative (and worthwhile) uses of the touch screen.

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Genre Action
Developer Clover Studio

Worldwide Releases

na: Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble
Release Nov 08, 2005
jpn: Viewtiful Joe: Scratch!
Release Nov 02, 2005
eu: Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble
Release Feb 24, 2006
aus: Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble
Release Mar 09, 2006
RatingParental Guidance
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