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North America

Donkey Kong Country 3

by Ben Kosmina - May 19, 2005, 11:08 am EDT

Kung-Fu Cranky? Brilliant.

Dixie Kong returns for the final game in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy. In this game, she has her portly, big-lipped cousin Kiddy Kong along for the ride. Kiddy can be thrown onto cracked floors to break them away, and he can also roll onto the water and skip along it if you time your jumps correctly (this move seems to be easier to pull off than it was in the SNES version). Wrinkly Kong returns, but instead of playing an N64 as she was in the SNES version, she's now dressed up in a white gown and is 'seeking enlightenment' in some kind of temple. Cranky Kong, on the other hand, is as grumpy as ever. This time he's dressed up in a karate outfit and working in a place called "Cranky's Dojo", which is good to see, as he wasn't really in the SNES version. It appears to be a mini-game of some kind, but unfortunately it's not playable in this version. Swanky Kong from DKC2 returns as well with some more mini-games, but these aren't playable in the demo either.

The game begins with a periscope view of a Kremling submarine zooming past quickly through the Nintendo and Rare logos. The sub surfaces on the title screen, and once you press Start, you begin the game as you do in the SNES version, with Dixie jumping onto the World Map. For the E3 version, all levels for the first two worlds are completely unlocked. The graphics for the game finally seem to be on par with the SNES version, although there are still a couple of areas that don't look as good as they did originally (one screen has Kiddy climbing a rope with a lime green sky). Unfortunately, I couldn't hear the game's sound over the dull roar of Zelda, so I have no idea if it's any good or not.

The game itself seems to be just as playable as it did when it was on the SNES -- everything still seems to be quite responsive and the levels play exactly as they used to. New for this game is an elephant called Ellie -- she can use her trunk to grab and throw barrels as well as squirt out water. Ellie will also run off in terror from mice, so there are certain situations where you'll have to pass the mice when they're in the dark so that Ellie won't see them. For those who missed out on Donkey Kong Country 3 the first time (which was quite a lot, apparently, as it was released very late in the lifespan of the SNES), it looks like it will be just as good and as much fun as it was back then.

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Genre Adventure
Developer Rare

Worldwide Releases

na: Donkey Kong Country 3
Release Nov 07, 2005
jpn: Super Donkey Kong 3
Release Dec 01, 2005
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