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Wii Fit U

by Neal Ronaghan - June 8, 2012, 5:08 pm EDT
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Will this new game fit you? If you want fun and exercise, it just might.

Wii Fit U might secretly be the game with the coolest use of the Wii U Game Pad at E3 2012.

Hosedown was the first game I played, and it was based around lunging forward on the Balance Board to spray water at various Miis and the occasional mud monster. It was fast-paced and fun, as you had to quickly lunge forward to fire water, and then retreat to refill your hose. The GamePad was used to direct your water, as you looked at the screen to look at the environment and move the hose. This was a great example of a Wii Fit activity, as it worked you out, and kept you engaged.

Next up was Trampoline Target, which involved placing the GamePad on the ground in front of the Balance Board. You would squat up and down in rhythm to aim to bounce as high as you possibly could on the trampoline. Additionally, on your descent, you had to use the GamePad on the floor to tweak your weight to guide your fall so you would land on the trampoline. Like Hosedown, this was a great stealthy way to keep you active while making a game out of it.

I moved on to Core Luge, where you didn't use the GamePad. Instead, you had to sit your butt on the Balance Board and luge down a winding path. You can game this easily, by keeping your feet and hands planted on the ground, and then shifting your weight to speed up and turn down the trail. Or you could man up, and do it the way it is supposed to be played by keeping your feet off the ground, leaning back, and gripping the Balance Board for dear life. As I played this on the third day of E3, this was nearly impossible for tired body, but damn it, I tried. This is a fantastic exercise for your abs and it is fun. Once again, an ideal Wii Fit activity.

Rowing Crew was the next game I played. While Aaron used it with a chair and the GamePad, I played it with just the Balance Board and the Wii Remote. I sat on the Balance Board and hold the Wii Remote on its side. I had to rhymically twist the Wii Remote to row while leaning back and forth. You worked together with a team of Miis, and it was very comical to see them get angry with you when you messed up.

I closed off the demo with Dessert Course, which is probably the most game-like experience in the game. It also reminded me of the balance games in past Wii Fits. You hold the GamePad up like a platter and stand on the Balance Board. You then have to walk in place on the Balance Board while keeping the GamePad steady to keep the dessert on then platter so you can deliver it to various customers. It gets more challenging as you have to deliver multiple items and round items that roll off easily.

Wii Fit U is coming out around the Wii U's launch, and if the whole package is as good as these five games, the game will be amazing.


yoshi1001June 08, 2012

Given the Wii U's (probable) launch date, this is a good game to get out early since it'll catch on with the end/beginning of year and people trying to lose weight. It'll never sell as well as the original, but it is a good choice of time for a sequel.

God you guys stop making me want to buy another Fitness game!

TennindoJune 08, 2012

lol get it..
Wii Fit U... We fit you!! Nintendo is getting us in shape and letting us know it.

NinSageJune 09, 2012

Wow. Awesome write-up, Neal! Thanks for covering this game and doing so with such an open mind.  I was curious about it but hadn't really gotten a hold of any well-written impressions before this one.

I'm glad to see the series is headed in a good direction.  Do we know how many total games will be offered in Wii Fit U?

I'm still holding out hope that one day someone makes a game that is truly a fitness game.  In other words, it is as grand and deep as a traditional game, but you can get a full work out by playing it.  Something like Red Steel 2 kind of came close to this concept.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on WFU since I had a good time with Wii Fit and WF+.  I always lost a little weight but it's truly a fitness augmentation rather than a fitness system.... for me anyway.

jarodeaJune 09, 2012

I was barely paying attention to Wii Fit U but it does sound like a good minigame collection.  I liked a few in Wii Fit but it didn't have enough.  Something to watch at least.

Leo13June 14, 2013

Wait, They had a Wii Fit U demo last year at E3, but not this year? That's really odd to me.

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