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Wii Fit U

by Aaron Kaluszka - June 6, 2012, 12:31 pm EDT
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The latest fitness game provides a variety of fun mechanics and a good workout.

The Wii U iteration of Wii Fit puts a focus on activities that will really burn the calories. The E3 demo featured five games, Trampoline Target, Core Luge, Rowing Crew, Hosedown, and Dessert Course. The games were highly varied, some using the Wii U GamePad, some only using the Balance Board, and one even requiring a chair.

In Trampoline Target, players must squat and extend with the right timing and positioning to make large jumps on the trampoline (without actually jumping). You can look down on the GamePad to see the trampoline target.

Core Luge, as the name suggests, really puts a strain on your core. You must sit on the Balance Board and lean back, while tiling to navigate a luge track. The further back you lean, the more strain you put on your core, but the faster you travel down the track. You can hold the bottom of the board to help balance yourself.

In Hosedown, you use the GamePad held in front of you to target approaching mudslingers and wash away their efforts with a water cannon. As they approach, you must step on the Balance Board to launch a shot. Your shots are limited by an automatically refilling meter, and the force of your step determines the shot's power.

Rowing Crew was interesting in that it uses a chair yet provides a good workout. Players sit on the chair with their feet on the Balance Board. The GamePad acts as the the paddle. To row, you must move the GamePad in a down and up motion in time with the rowing calls. If you make a twisting motion, you travel faster, while working out more muscles.

Finally, Dessert Course was a very fun balancing game. Players act as a waiter who must deliver desserts from chefs at a dessert table to customers in a crowded dining room. You must hold the GamePad flat to balance the desserts, while turning the "tray" to navigate and walking on the balance board to move forward. The game steadily increases difficulty by giving you more desserts or ones that can easily roll off the tray. This game was particularly hilarious because you could crash into customers, who would become angry.

Wii Fit U was one of the most enjoyable Nintendo games at the show. It does an excellent job making exercising fun, and some of the games really do give a good workout. The shape of the GamePad as much as the functionality provides for some interesting new games and I look forward to seeing even more variety.


Hmmm... you just put this game back on my radar...

ToruresuSeptember 18, 2013

Wii Fit U Direct!


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