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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

by Karlie Yeung - August 20, 2011, 4:09 pm EDT
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In which I make it as far as possible in the Sky Temple and find another MotionPlus gesture.

The Gamescom demo for Skyward Sword is the same as from E3, with three areas to try and a time limit for each session. This means that despite the possibility of the entire Sky Temple dungeon being playable, you have to race through using the most efficient route if you are to see as much of it as you can. On my fifth attempt, I made it through a locked door that eluded me previously, and this is what I saw.

This dungeon is based around the use of the flying beetle item for hitting switches to open doors, break cobwebs holding items onto the ceiling, and picking up items. The glowing, jewelled switches are high up in areas you cannot reach, sometimes hidden, and the beetle is the only way to reach them. What looks like an overhead window to a dead end is actually a tunnel, with a switch hidden within. The upgraded beetle, allowing you to fly further and carry items, is the first item you find. This is controlled by pointing the Wii Remote in the direction you want to go, much like the flying Fluzzard levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This works well enough, and is far less annoying than the bird level from earlier in the game.

When you are in combat now with the MotionPlus controls it is beneficial to figure out the best way to defeat an enemy as many of them can block very well if you're not using the right tactic. For example, the commonly found spider can be defeated in two hits if you use a sweeping motion to flip it onto its back, and then swing the Nunchuck and Remote downwards together for the finishing move. Failing that, you need to at least flip the creature up so it is vertical and you can stab at the exposed weak point. If you only swing your sword at it, the spider will never die. Similarly, the Stalfos mini-boss can be defeated much more quickly if you thrust with the shield at the right moment to block and cause him to drop his cutlasses, giving you a few moments to swing the Wii Remote in a series of small flicks to get as many hits in as possible.

The first room that gives you a chance to exercise some puzzle solving is a  room with a set of eyes on the top, left, and right of a gate that protects a chest holding an all important small key. After disposing of the spider using one of the above techniques, you can find a set of classical badly textured vines to climb and move yourself to the upper level. Here the beetle can be used to cut down the cobweb rope holding up a crate, which you can then push over and down off the platform, and then to the centre of the room. From the vantage point offered by standing on the box, you are visible by all three eyes and can pull the trick seen in the E3 2010 demo of rotating the sword round in circles to make dizzy and hypnotise the eyes before they fall off the wall and disappear, freeing your path to the chest, and out of the room. 

On leaving the room there seems to be no path, until you see another jewel-shaped switch behind a spider's web (and lurking spider). If you slice carefully past, you can get through the web while leaving the spider hanging. Otherwise, you'll need to exercise a second quick defeat or you'll be interrupted by cobweb wraps as you climb up the stairs and precisely slash the trees to the ground that block your way into a small tunnel that Link will automatically move into when you walk forward.

All this does though is lead you back out to the central area where you were before, but now armed with the small key. To reach the locked door you need defeat the Deku Babas from the ceiling to walk over a tightrope that is set over a pit full of more Deku plants. After being knocked off the tightrope a few times, I found it simpler to clear them all away with the bow and arrow first. I did found that it was difficult to fire arrows rapidly as you have to pull back with the Nunchuk each time, Wii Sports Resort style. On the tightrope, you need to rotate the Wii Remote from side to side to control your balance.

Finally, I made it through the locked door, around a corridor and into a room where a three-headed monster was lurking, but posed no challenge. After that I went through another door to what looked like the outside of the temple, where I could briefly see the surroundings before the game ended.

Having had plenty of time to figure out the MotionPlus controls and how to use them quickly and effectively, it's the most natural thing to have Link holding the sword whichever way you direct him. Link's sword being in a fixed position, such as in Twilight Princess, seems awkward in comparison. 


NinSageAugust 21, 2011

is it November yet? =P

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