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Mario Kart 7

by Nathan Mustafa - June 7, 2011, 3:15 pm EDT
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Mario gets a new set of wheels.

The game of Mario Kart varies slightly with each new iteration. This year at E3 Nintendo openly acknowledged this apparent stagnation by claiming this Mario Kart is simultaneously comfortable and new. After a brief video presentation and a healthy chunk of hands-on time with the game, Nintendo seems to be on the right track.

Our demo consisted of three two-lap races on different tracks with the choice of several racers and customizable karts. The first track highlighted the new hang glider element of Mario Kart 3DS. Upon hurtling off a jump in the track geometry, the player's kart sprouts a Pilot Wings-esque glider which features the familiar controls of the 3DS launch title. Our handler noted that as players progress through the game's races they will unlock new sets of gliders, wheels and propellers.

The propellers came in handy on the second stage, which included an underwater segment. When racing underwater, karts have a bit of float to them, tilting drastically as you round the corners. While novel, I didn't feel that the underwater segments added much to the core game of Mario Kart. The third and final track was set deep within the jungles of the Donkey Kong world, complete with enemies from the recent Donkey Kong Country Returns.

While the graphical element of the game certainly wowed me, I am left with the question, does adding customizable elements to Mario Kart sufficiently deepen the experience? That remains to be seen, as players were locked into a single kart configuration of their choice for the duration of the demo. It also wasn't clear just how much content would be added in terms of kart components. I'm still excited, if only for the prospect of extended flying levels in the full game.


KITT 10KJune 08, 2011

I sure can't wait for the new Mario Kart for the 3DS! (Although I doubt it), I've heard that the 3DS and the new Nintendo Wii U, (not crazy about that name really), will interact with each other, so I'm wondering if Mario Kart for the 3DS and the Wii U will interact with each other too. That'd be great, (bit like I said, I doubt it).

UltimatePartyBearJune 08, 2011

Mario Kart DS killed my hands since I spent so much time squeezing the shoulder buttons to drag items and slide.  Have those controls changed?  I'd really like to see a press once to drag, press twice to fire option for items.

Ian SaneJune 08, 2011

Adding these DKR elements is something I figured Nintendo would have done YEARS ago, like say for the very first Mario Kart since DKR was released.  It seems like such an obvious idea and yet they spent time screwing around with two riders per kart.

It makes me more interested anyway.  Not so much for this game but a future console Mario Kart with these elements in it.

Bman87301June 09, 2011

I'm shocked no one has commented at all on all the nifty homages to 3D Hot Rally they've somehow managed to pack-in in a subtle, yet still somewhat obvious manner. I think that's one of the most interesting aspects about this game.

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Game Profile

Mario Kart 7 Box Art

Genre Racing
Developer Nintendo,
Retro Studios
Players1 - 8

Worldwide Releases

na: Mario Kart 7
Release Dec 04, 2011
jpn: Mario Kart 7
Release Dec 01, 2011
RatingAll Ages
eu: Mario Kart 7
Release Dec 02, 2011
aus: Mario Kart 7
Release Dec 03, 2011

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