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Picross 3D

by Lauren Ronaghan - May 3, 2010, 10:30 am EDT
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Launch day thoughts on Picross 3D.

It looks rather unassuming, as the cover features a square cube broken down into smaller segments, being broken away to reveal a giant pixel dog. However, the game is packed to the punch with hundreds of addictive puzzles, as well as an element that I think will be discovered as a visual strain of crack in the coming months.

Possible the most addicting aspect of Picross 3D is that you never know what you're making. The levels aren't broken down into themes – the only hint you get is a themed, muted background which I honestly didn't notice for the first few hours because I was so focused on the game itself. When you do clear the pieces and uncover the shape underneath, you usually don't know what it is until they color it in, label it, and give it a cute little animation. But when they get to that point, it's so worth it and you often want to facepalm yourself in hindsight.

Nintendo's Q1 Media Summit 2010:

Another part of the game that works for it is the stars. Stars are awarded like this: one star for finishing within the yellow time, two stars for finishing within the green time, and an additional star if you finish with no mistakes. The most you can get is three stars. This becomes important because at the end of each level are two unlockable levels that you need to earn stars to unlock. The silver level is generally easy to unlock, but I found myself redoing levels to unlock the gold. This habit has turned me into restarting puzzles completely with the first error I make.

Finally, the most addictive part of this puzzle game is the fact that it makes you feel rather smart. I am as of now embarking on my final week of classes in undergrad, and all I did this weekend was play Picross 3D because, well, it was kind of educational. I wasn't running across the screen jumping from platform to platform, or shooting enemies while they're flying at me. I was using logic, reason, math, and spatial understanding to create things that weren't there in the first place.

Nintendo's Q1 Media Summit 2010:

I highly recommend Picross 3D to everyone. It's a highly accessible "learning" game that doesn't know it's a learning game. I also recommend that if you live with someone who also plays DS, just buy two copies because you'll spend your time fighting over playing or jealous that the other one got to it before you did (This really happened - Neal).

Picross 3D is now in stores everywhere for $19.99, and it is totally awesome.


KDR_11kMay 03, 2010

This and Alpha Bounce are my current main games on the DS and since Alpha Bounce is DSiWare that means I don't have to change carts at all!

I'm 220 puzzles in and I'm pretty obsessive about 3-staring everything because you get a bonus animation for 3-staring everything that gives stars (everything else only has to be completed, can be done with errors), only one puzzle I have needs redoing (lost concentration and mistook a 2 for a (2), CBA to redo it right away). I've got the gold medals for the tutorial and easy difficulties. Unlocking the gold puzzle in a stage isn't hard but I sometimes have to redo something to make sure I get everything perfect. Also I try to restrain myself when it's obvious that e.g. a part of the puzzle is symmetric and I could chip away some annoying blocks right away without needing the proper clues.

greybrickNathan Mustafa, Staff AlumnusMay 03, 2010

Speaking of DSiWare, I really wish this was available on the DSiWare store. I don't want to leave a puzzle game in the cart space since I generally reserve that for RPGs.

KDR_11kMay 04, 2010

Considering the shitload of puzzles in there I doubt it would fit.

They could always split it up like they did with Elektroplankton, Master of Illusion, etc.

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Picross 3D Box Art

Genre Puzzle
Developer Nintendo

Worldwide Releases

na: Picross 3D
Release May 03, 2010
jpn: Rittai Picross
Release Mar 12, 2009
RatingAll Ages
eu: Picross 3D
Release Mar 05, 2010

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