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Madden NFL 10

by Neal Ronaghan - June 4, 2009, 11:49 am PDT
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With Tiburon at the helm, this year's Wii version of Madden has some changes that help fix some of previous year's problems.

I got a chance to play the Wii version of Madden NFL 10 on the E3 2009 show floor and I came away very happy. I played as my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, in the 5-on-5 mode that has been in past Wii Maddens.

Besides the new art style, the passing controls have also been entirely revamped. Gone are the questionable motion passing and numerous other motion controls. Instead, in their place is a passing system that uses the Wii's pointer.

You press the A button to hike the ball, which is a vast improvement over the previous jerking of the Wii Remote to hike the ball, and then you point at the receiver you want to throw the ball to. It is very easy to use and seems to be pretty forgiving; As long as you point near the receiver, it will usually go to him. You can also direct which side of the receiver the ball goes to by holding a direction on the analog stick. The old passing controls will still be in the game for anyone who prefers that.

In addition to the new passing mechanic, there are some other small changes to the game that work wonders to improve it. Last year, Call Your Shots was added to the offense. This allowed you to draw a route with the Wii Remote pointer for your receiver. This year, Call Your Shots is being added to defense. You can now alter you defensive player’s assignment by changing him to a zone, man-to-man, or blitz. It doesn’t offer as much customization as the offensive Call Your Shots mode, but it is really nice to have the ability to change the player’s assignment very quickly.

Also, instead of having moves such as stiff arms mapped to motions, they are now mapped to buttons. You still do a spin move with a Wii Remote shake, but stiff arms are now on the left and right directional buttons on the Wii Remote.

According to Yuri Bialoskursky, Associate Designer at EA Tiburon, the Wii version of Madden NFL 10 is finished and is ready for its release on August 14.


Dan_DollJune 04, 2009

Madden Wii used to be out trying to create immersion by going crazy with motion controls. With the button controls and new point-passing, things are a little more traditional. Does this take away from the level of immersion at all? It at least suggests that one-to-one motion controls aren't always the best thing for Wii games, which is interesting and kind of an arguement for old-fashioned controllers.

I thought Madden 07 was the best use of Wii controls at launch besides Wii Sports but it seems like every year they can't stop trying to fix what's not broken.

Dirk TemporoJune 04, 2009

Does it fix the fact that the Wii had a stupid mascot on the front instead of a player?

Quote from: Dirk

Does it fix the fact that the Wii had a stupid mascot on the front instead of a player?

That wasn't Madden, it was NCAA Football, and that's not coming to the Wii at all this year.

tommyfuscoJune 05, 2009

did u see any of franchise mode?
seems to be neglected this year.


I did not. From talking to people from EA, it seems to remain similar to previous years.

tommyfuscoJune 05, 2009

Quote from: nron10

I did not. From talking to people from EA, it seems to remain similar to previous years.

thanks nron!

well, with no weather in this years game, to no stat overlays to now dame old franchise. i'll pass.

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