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StreetPass Mii Plaza Find Mii Hats

by Aaron Kaluszka and Neal Ronaghan - December 6, 2011, 8:43 pm EST
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The new update gave us a lot of new hats. Help us finish the list.

Read the extensive list of all 74 hats available in Find Mii 1 and 2. All the ones with a * are new with the update that gave us Find Mii 2.

  1. No Hat
  2. Mario's Cap
  3. Luigi's Cap
  4. Peach's Crown*
  5. Daisy's Crown*
  6. Yoshi Hat*
  7. Yellow Yoshi Hat*
  8. Light-Blue Yoshi Hat*
  9. Pink Yoshi Hat*
  10. Toad Hat
  11. Wario's Cap*
  12. Waluigi's Cap*
  13. Bowser Hat
  14. Boo Hat*
  15. Shy Guy Mask*
  16. Chomp Hat*
  17. Blooper Hat*
  18. Piranaha Plant*
  19. Warp Pipe Hat*
  20. ? Block Hat*
  21. Red Pikmin Hat
  22. Blue Pikmin Hat
  23. Yellow Pikmin Hat
  24. Link's Cap
  25. Triforce Hat*
  26. Epona Hat*
  27. Samus's Helmet
  28. Metroid Hat
  29. Kirby Hat
  30. Donkey Kong Hat*
  31. Arwing Hat*
  32. Fox Hat*
  33. Barbara the Bat Wig*
  34. Nintendo 3DS Hat*
  35. NES Hat*
  36. Famicom Hat*
  37. Ice Cream Hat*
  38. Cake Hat*
  39. Tomato Hat*
  40. Cheeseburger Hat*
  41. Pizza Hat*
  42. Hot Dog Hat*
  43. Ramen Hat*
  44. Soccer Ball Hat*
  45. Football Helmet*
  46. Swimming Cap*
  47. Red Ribbon*
  48. Hibiscus*
  49. Tiny Top Hat*
  50. Lacy Headband*
  51. Beehive Wig*
  52. Floral Hat*
  53. Straw Hat*
  54. Top Hat*
  55. Pirate Hat*
  56. Chef Hat*
  57. Ninja Hood* - includes 忍 emblem, the first Kanji character in "ninja" and "shinobi," literally meaning "to endure," made up of the characters for "knife" and "heart."
  58. Samurai Wig*
  59. Devil Horns*
  60. Magic Hat*
  61. Hatchet Hat*
  62. Sunflower*
  63. Panda Hat*
  64. Bear Hat*
  65. Penguin Hat*
  66. Cat Ears
  67. Dog Ears
  68. Bunny Ears
  69. Regal Crown
  70. Prince's Crown*
  71. Princess's Crown*
  72. Ultimate Helmet
  73. Dark Lord Helmet*
  74. Dark Emperor Helmet*

Thanks to JRokujuushi, Cevan, UncleBob, D4N63R0U5, wolfstar


I love how the question marks display in Talkback. Please help us fill this in!

Also, Epona Hat has replaced the Arwing Hat, which replaced the Kirby balls hat.

JRokujuushiDecember 07, 2011

#54 is the Top Hat.  That's the only one I have that's not on here.

UncleBobRichard Cook, Guest ContributorDecember 07, 2011

I can also confirm the #54 - Top Hat.

CevanDecember 11, 2011

Hat #25 is the Triforce Hat.

D4N63R0U5December 12, 2011

Hat#19 is the Warp Pipe hat from Mario Bros.

D4N63R0U5December 13, 2011

Hat #39 is the Tomato Hat

D4N63R0U5December 16, 2011

Hat #42 is the Hot Dog Hat

D4N63R0U5December 16, 2011

If your a 3DS Ambassador, the free GBA games are available now, you need to download them the same way as the NeS games.

wolfstarDecember 16, 2011


WOLFSTAR'S HATS (When finished I will have a youtube link posted for veiwing)

Mario's Cap
Luigi's Cap
Peach's Crown
Daisy's Crown
Yoshi Hat
Yellow Yoshi Hat
Light-Blue Yoshi Hat
Toad Hat
Wario's Cap
Waluigi's Cap
Bowser Hat
Boo Hat
Shy Guy Mask
Chomp Hat
Blooper Hat
Piranha Plant
Warp Pipe Hat
? Block Hat
Red Pikmin Hat
Blue Pikmin Hat
Yellow Pikmin Hat
Link's Cap
Triforce Hat
Epona Hat
Samus's Helmet
Metroid Hat
Kirby Hat
Donky Kong Hat
Arwing Hat
Fox Hat
Ice Cream Hat
Cake Hat
Tomato Hat
Cheeseburger Hat
Pizza Hat
Hot Dog Hat
Soccer Ball Hat
Football Helmet
Red Ribbon
Lacy Headband
Beehive Wig
Floral Hat
Top Hat
Pirate Hat
Chef Hat
Ninja Hood
Samurai Wig
Devil Horns
Magic Hat
Panda Hat
Bear Hat
Penguin Hat
Cat Ears
Dog Ears
Bunny Ears
Regal Crown
Prince's Crown
Princess's Crown
Ulimate Hat
Dark Lord Helmet
Dark Emperor Helmet

D4N63R0U5December 16, 2011

to the comment above: please email me pictures of the dark lord and emporer helmets!
email: steven_dood@yahoo.com

If you happen to know which room/quest each hat comes from, please post those as well!

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