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Rumor: Just Sniffing Around
« Reply #25 on: February 07, 2003, 02:21:54 PM »
How do you know that Nintendo isn't going to regulate it?  Royalties and Regulation are 2 different things.  Nintendo could very well make an Xbox Live type service and just not charge royalties to developers and publishers... or they could liscense out the online strategy to Sega who would then in turn charge Royalties to developers and publishers.  Their are waaaaaay too many unknowns to make a blanket statement such as


Nintendo's online games will be like the PS2.

Next up:


PSO is still a MMORPG just a very limited one.

Thats like saying that a single-player game is multiplayer, but just very limited.  Do you know what the first M stands for in MMORPG?  It stands for massively... the second M stands for multiplayer.. Massively is classified as being thousands of players.  FPS aren't called MMOFPS, because even though they are up to 64 players, they aren't Massively Multiplayer.  As well, Diablo 2 is not a MMORPG and it hosts more players per game than PSO.... anyways, I wont spend anymore time on the numerous examples I can give because everyone else here knows what the difference between an Online game and a Massively Online game...
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