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Master Quest Differences!
« on: February 01, 2003, 01:21:49 PM »
Over at the forum Mr. Jason has been posting the differences between Master Quest and the regular game. You can read them by clicking here.

Although you should read through the posts I'm going to give a summary of the main things. Mr. Jason says the main thing about Master Quest is that it's a lot harder than Ocarina. This isn't really due to enemies though but rather the puzzles. He says that all dungeons puzzles have been remixed in some way and that they are a lot harder. The map of the dungeons are the same and according to Mr. Jason there are no new enemies just that they have been moved around and sometimes you will find an enemy that wouldn't show up until later dungeons in earlier dungeons.

Here is a summary he made for each dungeon:

Deku Tree: Gohma larva now appear all over the tree, along with keese. The order is the same, just the puzzles.

Dogdono's Cavern: You pretty much play the dungeon backwards, and the bombs come a bit later than usual. Poes now appear

Jabu Jabu: This is a funny one. There are cows in the wall that are uses as switches!!! Pretty much played in the same order as well. Like Likes are in the dungeon as well.

Forest Temple: Well....greatly remixed and new switches, thats about it. A single ReDead is the new enemy here

Fire Temple: The first thing you do in the temple is get the hammer in the first part of the temple, the boss key also comes alot earlier. The only thing realy to do is get the stone piller that you use to get to the boss door. The new enemy is a Iron Knuckle. Keese are greatly reduced(Theres like 2 in the dungeon now)

Ice Cavern: Alot easier than the old ice cavern. The Heart Piece has moved, and there is now boulders in the mini dungeon. A Stafolos is the enemy you face for the iron boots. Another interesting fact: Remember the beta red ice platform? Well, its now in!!!

Water Temple: The first thing you do is the the Longshot. The temple is pretty much empty except two Lizoflos. Theres alot of locked doors and switches and alot of the key doors are now bar doors and some enterances without doors now have walls you have to trigger a switch or event to unlock

Well: The place is INFESTED with Wall Masters and ReDeads. Quite a few invisible enemies as well. It has alot more light to see, and many areas are selaed off. One room had 4 ReDeads all near eachother!!!

That's as far as he has gotten with the dungeons so far.

One of the biggest cons to both Ocarina and Master Quest according to Mr. Jason are the graphics. Although the resolution is better making the characters look less pixilated and the colors are brighter there are a few areas were they are actually worse than the N64 version. For one thing he says the blur filter is gone therefore making all the sprites like the bushes and items look a lot more jaggy than in the N64 version. He also says the framerate slow down when battling a lot of enemies is actually worse as well. The last one is surprising since the improvements to the game were supposed to be better resolution and better framerate.  
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Master Quest Differences!
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2003, 04:48:49 PM »
This is basically plagiarism, so I'm closing it down.
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