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Radio Trivia Results for 11/15/2002
« on: January 31, 2003, 09:25:37 PM »
There was a special theme in tonights Radio Trivia, hosted by Jonnyboy117.  Thanks to absent-minded TYP, we also had a "fake" tie-breaker series.  Congrats to our winner, Jimberjack, and a VERY special mention to the tie-breaker winner, TheViper, who's a winner in everyone's eyes!

Game 1: Mega Man 7 (SNES)

Jimberjack, Arrow, Beowulf, TheViper, ulanshad, BIGmog|Fox

Q: What was unusual about Mega Man 7's English translation, as opposed to other games in the series (and most other games on the Super NES)?
<really_annoyed_now> Both Megaman and Bass actually cuss in the game. This was probably due to poor translation

Game 2: Milon's Secret Castle (NES)

Magus-, FFantasyFX

Q: In music theory, what does the standard one-point symbol in this game's Music Box levels signify? (Be specific!)
<Arrow> 2 eigth notes

Game 3: Mario Party (N64)

Uaio, TheViper, gamer, cell84, Nintendo_Natecube, NikJam, Arrow, Sharparoni, Vegentendo101, Beowulf, TheGSpot

Q: Mario Party was the first game (released in the US) to feature a polygonal version of which beloved Nintendo character?
<Mumbo> DK

Game 4: Mortal Kombat (SNES)

Tavir, MarioLinkSamus, Nintendo_NateCube, TheGSpot, mak7227, Jimberjack, Magus-, TheViper, Vegentendo101, Marc, q33, wakkawa, GorillazFan87

Q: Adam Sandler once said "Want to touch the hiney..." about which actress, who also portrayed Sonya Blade (poorly) in the first Mortal Kombat movie?
<Jimberjack> Brigett Nielsin

Game 5: M.C. Kids (NES)

MarioLinkSamus, Tavir, Drakotan

Q: Hey kids, hit a floating block on the title screen and change your ____!
<Jimberjack> Race

MISTAKEN Tie between Jimberjack and TheViper

Tie-breaker 1: Resident Evil 2 (N64)
Both incorrect

Tie-breaker 2: Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2 (SNES)
Castle Theme
Both correct

Tie-breaker 3: Super Mario 64 (N64)
Pirhana Plant’s Lullaby
TheViper wins!


Jimberjack: 4

TheViper: 3 (+ tie-breaker)

Arrow: 3

Magus-: 2

Tavir: 2

MarioLinkSamus: 2

Vegentendo101: 2

TheGSpot: 2

Nintendo_Natecube: 2

Beowulf: 1

NikJam: 1

Beowulf: 1

Gamer: 1

Cell84: 1

Ulanshad: 1

BIGmog|Fox: 1

Sharparoni: 1

Drakotan: 1

Marc: 1

Q33: 1

Wakkawa: 1

GorillazFan87: 1

Mak7227: 1

FFantasyFX: 1

Uaio: 1

really_annoyed_now: 1
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